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The Art of Nourishment – 4 weeks of learning the foundation of Nourishment through whole foods. We will gather together in a small intimate group and journey into the basics of cultivating a healthy nourishment practice in your own home and kitchen. We will meet one afternoon a week (11-2:30) where I will offer you the foundations to basic nourishment through wholefood cooking. You will learn about whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, spices, seaweeds, nuts and seeds. You will learn where to buy them, how to cook them , how to store them and best of all how to make delicious recipes with them. The class is designed to inspire you to re-set your relationship with cooking and upgrade your skills and knowledge so that you can better nourish yourself and family with enthusiasm and joy!
Class includes:
-40 page color booklet with information about wholefood ingredients, tips and tricks and lots of recipes to play with.
-Hands on time in the kitchen where we will prepare recipes from start to finish
-Basic knife skills and kitchen organization
-Beautiful Lunch on the day of the class
-Facebook group for sharing and questions between classes.
-Access to my through e-mail throughout the 4 weeks, for questions and support.
-Optional, discounted one to one consultation and support just for you.
Max participants: 6

Cacao Creations – Learn all about RAW CHOCOLATE. We will spend the day learning about “The food of the God’s” CACAO.
Make your own chocolate at home, in a healthy way! We will learn some history of this magical fruit, CACAO. How i t is processed and why raw cacao is so nutritious. We will also learn how to make healthy whole food chocolate from scratch. How to make and pour chocolate into molds and also versatile recipes for making healthy nourishing snacks and treats with chocolate.
Class includes:
– Delicious Mayan Hot chocolate
– tactile introduction to CACAO
– hands on chocolate making
– selection of chocolate treat to take home
– 10 page recipe booklet
Max participants: 10

Intro to Spices & Curry – An introductory evening of spices and curry. Taste, touch, smell and feel your way through the spices of India. Learn about spices, spice blends and how to make delicious simple curries at home.
We will have a thorough introduction to Indian spices, though hands on roasting and grinding, smelling and tasting common curry spices. Following the intro to spices and making your own spice blend, we will cook up a couple curries in the kitchen and share a delicious spice filled dinner together.
Class included:
-Hands on introduction to spices
– Hands on curry making class
– 10 page recipe booklet
– Spice blend to take home
– Shared dinner together with fellow spice lovers
This class is suitable for people who like MILD curry, spices don’t have to be HOT. However those hot spice lovers can also adjust recipes to their liking.

Max participants: 10
see website for more details

Kari Mathieson is a vegetarian chef, food educator and nutritional coach offering cooking classes that inspire true nourishment.  She has over 20 years of experience catering for healing retreats and teaching vegetarian cooking to others. Her cooking techniques are inspired by healing with wholefoods, drawing upon the ancient healing philosophies of Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicines.

“I am a dreamer, a visionary and woman with a passion for the eccentric intriguing sparks of light that make shapes and patterns of beauty in the mundane. There is a deep longing living within our hearts to nourish and be nourished. I give you permission to play with your food in the most sacred way! Join me to indulge in that which pleasures you, learning techniques and tools to help you prepare food with intention, presence and deep connection. Pure nourishment for your heart, body and soul.”

Please check website or contact Kari for workshop details

www.karimatheison.com           kari@karimathieson.com               250-653-9650

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