Two Yellow Lines

Seth Berkowitz

A series of photographs following the island highway on Vancouver Island. Large, thought provoking, and intriguing studies of landscape and humanity.

Seth Berkowitz used to drive up and down the old highway 19A,Vancouver’s Islands Oceanside Route, for work in the 80’s installing computers into the small resort communities hotels and motels in places like Fanny Bay, Royston and Qualicum Beach, that were “frequented by families from near and far who were there for their summer holidays. “There was a lot of colour and ‘fun’ places like mini golf courses and playgrounds in the motel yards. RVs, towed campers and boats everywhere. Driving along the Oceanside in the summer was slow and hot. You just had to be patient and add extra time to get to where you were going. “

And then the bustling activity stopped and stagnation followed as a new Highway was built which redirected traffic away from 19A communities. ”The next time I went was about 2011. There were far fewer RVs and campers. Places looked a big dismal and depressed. There were more boarded up places.”

Two Yellow Lines, the third summer showcase at ArtCraft documents this decline. Berkowitz tells a melancholy story with his images: ramshackle properties, empty retail spaces and motel vacancies. Yellow lines are present in almost all the photographs situating us at the roadside, ”connecting and dividing” communities and places along the Oceanside Route.

In one image Berkowitz show us a brand new bus shelter, a small signal that slowly, things are improving in the area and getting back on track.

Two Yellow Lines opening reception Friday, August 1st 6-8pm

Exhibition runs till August 21st at Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Road.

Sponsored by Li Read of Sea to Sky Premier Properties



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