Camp Instructor: Cameron Novak

Workshops on the Rock is pleased to welcome back Summer Art Camp Instructor – Cameron Novak – for Explore Your Creativity and Art=Make, Create + Explore happening July 16-20 and July 30-Aug 3th in our new Art Tent adjacent to Mahon Hall.

Cam is an experienced art instructor for kids and youth, having taught at 4Cats, lead mural painting projects. He speaks both French and English and is planning a future in Art Therapy. Cameron has spent several summers on Salt Spring Island.

“My creative process and art making has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions… My art helps me understand and feel into the magic that I believe, see and feel everyday. It’s a way for me to purge and in turn transform uncomfortable or inexplicable sensation into something fun and/or beautiful.”

For Cameron, art “is a safe space for me to feel strong, free and accepted for who I am. I believe that creating art is one of the healthiest ways to manage and understand emotions and I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve used to self heal to encourage more self-empowerment and in turn a healthier community.”

Camps have limited spaces, to register and pay online go to

Or contact Jane @ 250-538-8447  or at