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The Artcraft Showcase Gallery

Each year the Artcraft showcase gallery curates four high quality exhibitions on the stage at Mahon hall.  These can be individual shows or collaborations between artists, can be in any medium and encompass any genre from fine craft to conceptual art. The aim is to produce a summer series of public gallery quality exhibitions, allowing local artists the space and audience to showcase their work and stretch themselves in new directions. Artcraft also hosts “Artcraft Outside” where we seek artists to create works to be hung on the outside of Mahon hall, or to use the surrounds to install 3D works for the summer.

2018 details:

This year there will be 4 showcases, as ever, but with a twist. Art craft, the host of the Showcase series, is turning 50 years old, and to celebrate the first Showcase is going to be a group show featuring the guilds of Salt Spring. The arts and crafts guilds have been involved with Artcraft since its inception in 1968 and we are delighted to recognize their importance to the success of what is BC’s longest running fine arts and crafts show.


2018 Showcase series


Coastlines Joanie Paterson with Alison Sparshu August 3rd to August 22nd Joanie Paterson brings us her studies in print and painting of the Union Steamships of the BC coast. These ships were the lifelines for [...]


WILD Amy Melious and Shari MacDonald August 24th to September 16th Two photographers combine, creating altered landscapes. Shari MacDonald. Melious and MacDonald see the same things but portray them in their own unique visions, and using [...]

Artcraft 50: The Guilds

Artcraft 50: The Guilds Opening Reception: Friday June 8th A group show featuring new works by the arts and crafts guilds of Salt Spring: Potters, Basketmakers, Jewellers, Weavers and Painters. The arts and crafts guilds [...]

Harvest… Gather, Nature… Nourish

Margarite Sanchez and Joan Carrigan July 6th to August 1st: The second showcase of Artcraft’s 50th anniversary season sees a unique and luscious combination of the paintings of Margarite Sanchez and the basketry and natural [...]

2017 Showcase series

The Stillness of Life: Jeannette Sirois

Jeannette Sirois: “The Stillness of Life” Opening Reception: Friday August 25th and is presented by Artcraft and the Salt Spring Island Arts Council. Artist Talk: Sunday 27th August at 2pm. The final showcase of the summer [...]

Homage to Mu Ch’i: Michael Wall

Michael Wall August 4th to August 23rd   Whilst an art student in 1970’s England, Michael Wall came across a pen and ink drawing by Mu Ch’i, a 13th century Chinese monk. “Six Persimmons” is [...]

A Celebration of Everyday Things

Nicola Wheston. July 7th to August 2nd A new series of paintings by Nicola Wheston takes the stage at Artcraft for the second Showcase of the summer, opening on July 7th. Wheston is well known [...]

Mrs. Williams: Homage to a Homemaker

Melanie Thompson and Judith Barnett. June 9th to July 5th Friday June 9th sees the opening of Artcraft for its 49th season, and with it comes the first Showcase of the summer. “Mrs Williams: Homage to a [...]

2016 Showcase series

The Whitemud: Uncovering a Landscape

The Whitemud (also known as “The Frenchman”) is a river valley, close to Eastend in the very southwest corner of Saskatchewan, tucked between the Grasslands and the Cypress Hills. It is a physically and historically [...]


A meeting of worlds. From expressive, two dimensional, abstract yet fantastical paintings to a dramatic 3 dimensioned planet around which the paintings revolve. Within Chintan Bolliger’s current series, Life. Forms, the human figure is gone. [...]

Object Lessons – Anna Gustafson

Friday, July 8-28:  On the stage at Artcraft, Mahon hall. Friday, July 8, 6-8pm: Opening night celebration. Sunday, July 17, 2pm: Artist talk. Sponsored by Henri Procter. Summer 2016 is a busy season for Anna Gustafson. “Object lessons” is [...]

Moving Parts: Peter Schnitzler

Peter Schnitzler.  An intense series of oil paintings chronicling the fragmentation of form. Abstract, physical and cerebral. Opening 6pm on June 10th and running until July 6th. Artist talk: Sunday June 19th, 2pm. The artcraft showcase [...]

2015 Showcase series

Found: Rolando Lampitoc & Nathalie Carles

Rolando Lampitoc – Encaustic portraits with jewellery by Nathalie Carles. July 31st to August 19th. Found, the 3rd of ArtCrafts Showcase Gallery features the work of two artists, Rolando Lampitoc and Nathalie Carles. Lampitock, a former graphic [...]

Interlude: Sharon Simmonds-Chia & Kasumi Lampitoc

Sharon Simmonds Chia-Small studies with Ceramic pieces by Kasumi Lampitoc. August 21 to September 20       Artcraft’s final Showcase of the summer will run from Friday 21st August to the closing of Artcraft on Sunday [...]

HOAX: Mary Lottridge

Mary Lottridge July 10 to July 29. Coulrophobia is a non-scientific term for the fear of clowns. Culturally prevalent, whether as corporate mascot Ronald McDonald, or “mythologized trickster”, they have been depicted in art ,circus [...]

AURA: Nicola Morgan w. Barry Chattell + Ian Cobane

      Nicola Morgan – Wonderful, deep abstract paintings with layers of colour and motion: Accompanied by new wood furniture by Salt Spring woodworkers, Barry Chattell and Ian Cobane. June 12 to July 8. Opening night gala reception 6-8pm, [...]

2014 Showcase series

Salvaged Artifacts & Stories

Encaustic paintings and metal sculpture exploring whaling and the viewer's response to whaling. Salvaged: Artifacts and Stories, is the final exhibition of Artcraft’s Showcase Gallery Summer season and is a collaboration between painter Rosalie Matchett-Short [...]

Two Yellow Lines

Seth Berkowitz A series of photographs following the island highway on Vancouver Island. Large, thought provoking, and intriguing studies of landscape and humanity. Seth Berkowitz used to drive up and down the old highway 19A,Vancouver’s [...]

SHIFT exploring layers of perspective

Barbra Edwards and Fiona Duthie Sculptural felt clothing and objects and dramatic oil paintings explore form and the perspective of duality, with each artist's work echoing the other. There will be a fashion show on [...]

Potential & Promises

Sophia Burke and Bob McKay Photographs, Videos, unfinished and finished wood. A study and installation on the process of fine woodturned objects. "There is beauty to be found in incompletion." As viewers, we are used [...]

2013 Showcase series

Fractured Landscapes and Wildlife

Carl Sean McMahon Opening: Friday 14 June 6pm–8pm Carl Sean McMahon presents visual representations of the four main geographical regions of British Columbia. The essence of each region is captured by an animal or bird [...]

Taking Liberties: Bending the Rules

Donna Cochran, Judy Goodman, Joanie Paterson August 2 - 22, 2013 Media: "Liberties' produce fine results" Elizabeth Nolan / Gulf Islands Driftwood Review August 7th, 2013 "Taking Liberties: Bending the Rules is the title behind [...]