SHIFT exploring layers of perspective

Barbra Edwards and Fiona Duthie


Sculptural felt clothing and objects and dramatic oil paintings explore form and the perspective of duality, with each artist’s work echoing the other. There will be a fashion show on the opening night.

The second ArtCraft gallery showcase of 2014 brings together two well known and justifiably feted Gulf Island artists. Barbra Edwards from Pender Island has shown at Artcraft and several other local galleries in recent years, thrilling people with her multi layered, rich and kinetic oil paintings.

Fiona Duthie took the spotlight on Salt Spring last September when she organized, curated and contributed to the hugely successful “ felt::feutre” festival at Mahon hall. Duthie has been selling her sculptural, sensitive and imaginative pieces locally and around the world for the past 20 years.

Duthie and Edwards did not know each other before working together on “SHIFT” but were soon struck by the many similarities in both their sources of inspiration and in the colour palette and forms of their finished creations.

On the stage at ArtCraft this will create an intoxicating marriage of 2 and 3 dimensional forms, layers, colours and textures; with a natural flow and relationship between what both artists are creatively saying in their respective art forms.

Duthie describes her work with words like “layering…embedding…carving..” while Edwards echoes this with her descriptions of “layers of perspective…form speaking to form…line suggesting movement”

These similarities brought to life in such different media will be the catalyst to a truly memorable exhibition by two of the Gulf Island’s leading artists.

Another exciting aspect of “SHIFT” is the modelling of Duthie’s wearable felt pieces, framed by Edwards’ paintings in a catwalk show on the opening evening, which will be filmed to then play a part in the main exhibition.

“Shift” runs from July 11th until the 31st at ArtCraft in Mahon hall, 114Rainbow Rd. There will be an opening gala from 6-8pm on the 11th with a catwalk show starting promptly at 6.30pm.

The show is sponsored by Windsor Plywood and the Salt Spring Arts council.

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