Salvaged Artifacts & Stories

Encaustic paintings and metal sculpture exploring whaling and the viewer’s response to whaling.

Salvaged: Artifacts and Stories, is the final exhibition of Artcraft’s Showcase Gallery Summer season and is a collaboration between painter Rosalie Matchett-Short and Steve Patterson’s metal work that references industrial whaling practices that began in the 17thcentury, described by Greenpeace as ”the madness of the whaling – hunting species after species to the verge of extinction.”

Matchett-Short began researching the history of whaling in 2011 and has continually produced paintings based on this investigation and her discovery of documented whaling images.

”Frenzy is a word I kept thinking about while making this series. I wanted to show the repetition of a systematic slaughter of the whales and to create a feeling of hysteria and claustrophobia. I was struck by an image of remnants of ancient whalebones that still litter the beaches of the islands where the processing of whales took place over three hundred years ago.”

Working in encaustic, a medium that allows her to communicate and imply a history in her paintings, Matchett-Short explains why she is drawn to the medium: “The translucence of the encaustic medium enables me to create layers of both revealed and partially hidden images that act like visual clues to the almost forgotten threads of our past.”

Steve Patterson is an artist/fabricator who has had formal art training and is also self-taught. Drawn to recycled materials, he explains that “most found objects have a story to tell, and this is often more apparent with cast-off, discarded and abandon items. In Salvaged, he contributes to the whaling theme by taking an interest in “the relics left behind.”

Using the remnants he has collected in his work-shop, he liked the idea of exploring “a remote northern town on the edge of the ocean, surrounded by ice and mountains. This theme connects with Rosalie’s paintings perhaps in a more mythical sense. Imagination is required to see the buildings, cooking utensils, the beach, and the totems that belonged to this culture from long ago.”

There is a compelling connection between their work and Matchett-Short expresses excitement about their Salvaged collaboration, ”I was confident that the wax and steel would look great together. Also the steel of course has an industrial feel and past, which automatically complimented my subject matter. He decided not to pursue whaling as a subject but rather as more generalized feel of past industry which I think works.”

Salvaged: Artifacts and Stories opens

Friday, August 22nd, 6-8pm

Mahon Hall 114 Rainbow Road,

Show runs till Sept 14th.

Sponsored by MacDonald Realty

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