Writing is one way of releasing emotion that we hold in our bodies and is a great companion practice to Yin Yoga. It is slow paced and inherently meditative and encourages quiet self reflection, self compassion and relaxation. With Yin Yoga we lay the foundation of openness in our bodies to let held emotions arise and then we journal with writing prompts.  We will round out our experience with a Tea Ceremony Meditation, served in a traditional ritual , silently inviting stillness and inner contemplation.
This session is suitable for all as no experience with yoga, writing or tea ceremony is necessary. Please bring a willingness to participate, your favorite pen, a journal, a firm pillow, blanket and a water bottle. Please dress in layers for your comfort as the studio will be regular room temperature.
This workshop is hosted by Sarah-Jane Smith – Yoga, Claire Sicherman – Writing and Kari Mathieson- Tea Mistress