Past Collaborative ventures in Dance w/Robbyn Scott

Robbyn Scott   2018

Dance is, by nature, a social interaction. Dance is a collaborative art form.

As a movement artist I find it vitally important to connect and collaborate with other dancers and artists who share, inspire and challenge my own artistic viewpoints.

I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1985 to raise a family in a rural community. I arrived here with a sound dance career under my belt and an intention to share my dance skills, passion and creative preferences with the new community I had chosen.
With this decision, there also came the challenge of isolation from the larger world of dance and the people who work in that world.

In 2000, I launched a personal program of venturing off SSI to recharge and connect with other professional dance and movement artists. Some became mentors and others, collaborating peers. I would return home artistically refreshed, invigorated and inspired. My students benefited from my new discoveries and refreshed outlook.

In 2001, the Salt Spring Festival of the Arts hosted a residency with artist Leah Stein. She worked with the SSI community to create a site-specific piece performed at ArtSpring. I was excited to have an opportunity to work with a mature and very creative artist right here at home. The experience gave me the sense of being part of something larger and I felt less isolated.
I decided and was inspired to reach out and bring other artists to me!

In 2004, I invited my friend and choreographer, Danny McCusker, whom I had worked with in NYC in the 80’s, to come to SSI for a residency. He and I worked on choreography and performed it on SSI, in Vancouver and Boston. Danny also gave community dance classes and created a performance piece for the community dancers. I reveled in this melding of dance, family and rural lifestyle.

Danny McCusker’s SSI residency was the beginning of many collaborative opportunities I continue to have.

This year, Vancouver’s Co. ERASGA , a dance company led by dancer and choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino will be coming to lead a community workshop in my home-based Antler Ridge Dance studio and will perform their recent work, “Tracing Malong” at Mahon Hall. Co-sponsored by SSAC’s Artist in Residence program and Antler Ridge Dance,

I look forward to dancing opportunity with Co. ERASGA. I anticipate that the social interaction and experiencing of new perspectives will be inspiring and reaffirm that we are all part of something larger than ourselves.

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