Parallel Show

The 2017 Parallel Art Show (PAS) runs during the SSNAP 2017 Exhibition. It is open to Salt Spring Island artists that submit work to the Salt Spring National Art Prize 2017 (Deadline: May 31, 2017). SSNAP Submission Details are Here.
September 29 to October 22, 2017
Artspring Gallery


The intent is to feature SSI artists and to promote our community of artists to the growing number of SSNAP visitors. It is hoped that PAS will become a regular feature of SSNAP.

All SSI artists who submit an entry to SSNAP will automatically have their names and images sent for consideration. Unlike SSNAP, the PAS is not a blind jury. It is an invitational show curated by Anthony Matthews and Matt Steffich, and not a rejection show. A SSI artist may be selected for both shows, either, or neither.

Once the curators have invited 30 to 50 artists to take part in PAS, they will work with each artist to select pieces for the Show; these do not necessarily have to be the work submitted to SSNAP. The work chosen can be any size or medium, as decided by the curators and artist to create an interesting exhibition.

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