Painting finds new home

May 17, 2018 –  SSAC’s Yael Wand and David Borrowman hand over a painting by Gwen Ruckle to Karen Hudson of the Salt Spring Island Public Library. The painting was recently gifted by Holly Gordon of Campbell River to the Arts Council so that it could benefit the SSI community. Holly’s grandfathers – surnames Zanki and Baker – both lived and are buried on Salt Spring, so she is pleased the painting can find home on island. After a few preparations, the painting will be on display at the Library, where it will have its permanent home.

Gwen Ruckle’s artistic work and community involvement were in focus as part of the Forgotten Females of Salt Spring Island exhibit on display at the Library this past February, and curated by Regan Shrumm as part of her AiR curatorial residency.

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