Moving Parts: Peter Schnitzler

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Peter Schnitzler. 

An intense series of oil paintings chronicling the fragmentation of form. Abstract, physical and cerebral.

Opening 6pm on June 10th and running until July 6th. Artist talk: Sunday June 19th, 2pm.


The artcraft showcase gallery presents the first showcase of the 2016 season: “Moving Parts” the paintings of Peter Schnitzler.

Running from June 10th until July 6th on the stage at Mahon hall in Ganges there will be an opening celebration from 6-8pm on Friday June 10th.

Peter Schnitzler is a documentary filmmaker of great repute with over 200 completed films, often on social justice and psychological issues. He has been influenced by the jazz era, the colourfield paintings of abstract expressionism, cinema verite and by his grandfather, Austrian novelist and playwright, Arthur Schnitzler. This heady artistic melange has lead him in the last ten years or so to express himself in painting, the fruits of which make up the “Moving Parts” exhibition.

The paintings, oil on canvas, appear as semi-autobiographical, studies and emotional expressions on the mechanics of life; from well oiled machines, to fragmented, disjointed, less functional remnants of the power and symmetry of former selves. There is a real sense of time and movement that flows from canvas to canvas, charting the ups and downs of life, and the universe, and then culminating gloriously in utter rage. As the progression continues the methods of applying paint change, from precise geometric representations to explosive, angry dollops and swirls of thick, oil paint. Each work is abstract but clearly a part, a cog, in the overall journey; needing to be seen collectively and then explored individually. On leaving the exhibition the viewer is somewhat drained, as if having just alighted from a particularly fast cerebral rollercoaster.

Accompanying the paintings is a collection of autobiographical thoughts, and snippets of memoir, which offer the reader a look into the artist’s past, and the chance to understand some of the emotions expressed on canvas.

This text will form the essence of an artist talk on the stage at Mahon hall on June 19th at 2pm, when there will also be the chance to ask the artist a question or two.


“Moving Parts” is sponsored by Li Read and the Salt Spring arts council.

Sponsored by Li Read.

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