December 2017

Margaret was born to Nomadic parents of Tsiigehtchic, NWT. She learned to sew at an early age and has developed her craft over the years. Margaret started creating artwork based on photos from the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009, International Year of Astronomy. She creates vibrant images of the visual wonders of the Universe by stitching glass beads of various sizes and colour on black canvas or velvet.

Residency Proposal

Since 2009 I have been beading cosmic images of galaxies; nebulae; stars and the aurora.

I am proposing to create a larger pictures measuring 48×36. My work is usually smaller with a 20×21 inches image requiring 40 hrs of work.
The work is usually framed but a larger piece will be too heavy so other presentation methods will have to be researched.


I found my stay to be very positive. What helped my creative process was space and time. This project is the largest piece I have yet undertaken and having the studio to view the work from a distance helped me decide what to leave and what to change as I went along.

I will always remember the people.

I found an excellent bead store down by the Fulford ferry landing and was inspired by the beads. Because I was in BC, I wanted to include something of BC in my project, so I spent time on the beaches looking for just the right rock or shell to incorporate into the piece. Artists and people who learned of the project also gave me beads, shells or stones many of which are in the work.

My residency provided me with the time to stay focused on the project, and not be burdened by other responsibilities.

Meet the Artist


Two day workshop teaching methods of using fish scales and bones on a fabric ground, and Brazilian Embroidery. Dec. 15 & 16
Presentation on the final day of completed work.

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