SSAC/AiR resident November 9th. 2016- January 9th. 2017

Manuela De Medeiros studied studio art at the University of Guelph. She has since shown her work throughout Toronto. De Medeiros is the director of Gallery 1132, a small pop-up space that promotes the work of emerging artists within Toronto. She was invited to guest lecture at McMaster University in the spring of 2013.

Residency Proposal

Inspired by the artist Richard Serra, the inability to predict the outcome has played an important role in my continued interest and attachment to process based work. In my recent series, I separate materials from their traditional roles and re-appropriate their use. This process of renewed purpose is documented and revealed, exposing the integrity of the substance.

A new series will be created by utilizing heterogeneous materials and documenting the transformation through the passage of time by natural process such as rain, water and salt. By using raw materials such as wood or metal, the material will ultimately transform with time (once exposed to the natural elements). These pieces will read as a kind of history from the process that can be seen and considered


The most memorable aspect of my residency was the landscape. Having a new environment to work in was very refreshing and inspiring. This allowed to me let go a bit on my practice and experiment with other mediums. My series was also about landscape so I was able to take advantage of my location — landscape images, colours and scale greatly influenced the end result of my work. (re) PRODUCTIONS  a series of new works completed during the residency  documents the process of ink transfers from photographs. In this series, I focus on the translation of static images (photographs) to new surfaces using ink transfers. Each ink transfer is sealed with shellac or wax in order to preserve the marks. Layers are then built as I repeat this process. The works become an index of material action. I am interested in the idea that nothing, including landscape, is permanent.

The community was also unforgettable — such a strong group of artists (and individuals) committed to encouraging and supporting the arts.

The residency culminated in an exhibition (re) Reproductions at the Point Gallery.

Meet the Artist


Pop-up exhibit, “(re)PRODUCTIONS” at the Point Gallery on Salt Spring Island.

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