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Melanie Thompson

Necklaces for a New World

things that have been rejected and are regarded as worthless
marine debris
Necklaces for a New World was made in response to a concern for the continued destruction of our natural world. As the natural environment is further diminished and degraded these natural materials will become our new jewels, our precious materials. Now the beauty of flotsam and jetsam is easily overlooked but in the future we will recognize the beauty they hold.
Melanie thanks Hermann Orth and Steven Paterson for their material contributions.
Melanie Thompson lives and works on Salt Spring Island and in a very small cottage at the Finn Slough on the Fraser River. She has practiced basketry for many years using traditional and non traditional materials. Melanie recently completed the Diploma in Fine Arts at ECUAD. This course work informed her design sensibilities and led to her mixed media work.
Melanie has exhibited and sold her work widely. Her work can be found at Crafthouse, Granville Island, BC, South Shore Gallery, Sooke, BC, and Artcraft, Salt Spring Island, BC.


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