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Laura Keil


woolgathering seeks to  draw attention to one of the last large, magnificent trees in Ganges.  The wool embellishes and celebrates the tree, with fibres entwined through community collaboration.

Even though art making is often a solitary and introspective venture, this project has included many people through every stage in the creation of the work.  The shared experiences and enthusiasm generated through the collecting, processing and knitting/crocheting of the wool are important aspects and the great pleasures of making woolgathering. Fibres entwine and strengthen as do communities. Through the generosity of the Gulf Islands Spinning Mill, the local wools were processed then colours were blended in during the carding.

Laura Keil works with clay, felt, wood fired bread baking, and antique textile restoration; always with an emphasis on the tactile.

From her work as a textile conservator, She views textiles on a macro level.  That all textiles are built on a collection of individual unique fibres that gain strength when intertwined.  She has a BFA from the N.Y. State College of Ceramics at Alfred and MFAs from the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Washington.  Laura lives on Salt Spring Island.

Many thanks to:

Wool fleece contributed by; Marcus and Lisa of Salt Spring Cheese, Mana Nakata and Lionel Demandre, Tracy Shaver, Jean and  neighbour Christa, Tina O’Donnell

John Fulker and the Gulf Islands Spinning Mill, Bob, Amy, Cailee and Carley

Knitters, crocheters and others; Michela Sorrentino, Judy Ericson, Tracey Cobane, Evelyn Waldron, Lenka Lee, Louise Shelly, Heather Campbell, Amy Irene Cole-Melanson, Kaliya, Malaya and Jamil Hart Weller, Justine Wilkie, Barbara Slater, Ramona Riegel, Dorothy Shostak, Soma Mallard, Sander Keil

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