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Salt Spring Island Wayfinding Project

Many of us who make this Island our home are deeply connected, and interconnected, with her sacred energies. Ganges, and Mahon Hall, are at the heart of our beautiful island. We welcome many visitors here throughout the year, especially in the summer when Mahon Hall becomes a natural gathering place for locals and visitors alike. The Salt Spring Wayfinding Project is an installation that reflects and honours various sites on our Island. Through the Project, Mahon Hall becomes not just the gathering place but also the hub that viewers can journey from to visit each of the locations represented in the installation. My role as artist is to act as a wayfinder, to discover and work intuitively at and from different sites on the island, bringing back visual signs to share with viewers. These visual signs can then act as markers to help facilitate viewers on their own journey and understanding of the Island. The Wayfinding Project creates a circle of completion through viewer interaction, exploration and ideally the journeying of viewers to the various sites to collect their own experiences. Through the Project we are collaborating and creating a web of interconnection between the Island, her sites, site energies, stored memories, nature and each other.


Ingrid Koivukangas

My work is classified as environmental art and encompasses many mediums including site specific ephemeral and permanent works, installation, writing, video, photography and painting. I work with dreams and deep intuition in response to sites in the natural world. I am interested in issues of identity, especially indigenous cultures, including my own, nature, the environment, technology and globalization – questioning how our identities are shaped by the land while also exploring how technology can be integrated into that understanding. Much of my work is an attempt to provide the viewer with a starting point to begin contemplating their own landscape and possibly their part in its preservation. You are a sacred being and deeply connected with every other sacred being: every tree, every rock, every drop of water, every molecule of air, every animal, fish and insect. We are all one.

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