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Diana Lynn Thompson


Where are we? What is beneath the tarmac, the brick, the boards and gravel? This was once a field, a forest, before that a glaciated rock. And the rock itself is striated, laid down. It was pushed and pummeled over millions of years. Now we can find stories that stretch as far as we can follow.

Groundwork is about what is underneath us, the layers upon layers of history and prehistory. Everything in this work either comes from Saltspring or has been found here.

This land is never ending. There’s more and more – stone, bone, shell, wood, shards, sand, iron, ashes, salt – plus all the plants and animals. Over the summer, as Groundwork inhabits this corner, it will accumulate sand, seeds and leaves, and become a home for thousands of tiny mosses, annelids and insects.  Everything is so alive.

Diana Lynn Thompson trusts that we all belong here, that human beings are an integral part of nature, and we that need to respect and honour the natural world as well as each other. Diana combines organic, hand-made and artificial objects together, creating images that fuse the energy of both the human and non-human world.

Diana studied Biology and Visual Arts at the University of Victoria, going on to study at the Banff Centre in 1987 and 1989.  She has received Canada Council and BC Arts Council awards, as well as a Vancouver Foundation award.  She has enjoyed exhibiting, installing and performing her work throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She is based on Saltspring Island, BC.


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