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Harbour Wind in the Willows

We propose to weave community and place together by transforming the grassy area behind Mahon Hall into a willow sanctuary complete with a kid-friendly woven dome structure, living willow towers and a woven whirly-gig that will gently rotate in the breeze.  By bringing art, nature and place together we wish to create a destination for kids of all ages to play and a space to sit and contemplate how art and nature, beauty and place enhance our lives.  With the view of the harbour, the hills to the south, the community of Salt Spring passing by on the main road and the many artists’ work within Mahon Hall, this space encompasses many of the aspects of what our island is all about.


Joan Carrigan and Donna Cochran

Joan Carrigan and Donna Cochran are co-coordinating the Harbour Wind in the Willows project.  Joan has been making baskets since 1991 and Donna since 1995.  They both have worked with willow basketmakers from North America and Europe.  In 2011, Joan received a research grant to study with David Drew, a renowned British willow basketmaker now living in the Loire Valley in France.


Four other members of the Salt Spring Basketry Guild are assisting in the harvesting of willow and in the construction of the various components – Lara Gossett, Jennifer Healey, Valerie Fedoruk and Pat Moffatt.  All the willow and other natural materials have been harvested on Salt Spring.



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