Interlude: Sharon Simmonds-Chia & Kasumi Lampitoc

Sharon Simmonds Chia-Small studies with Ceramic pieces by Kasumi Lampitoc. August 21 to September 20

Japanese Maple Keys.....Titled



Snowberries in Chinese vase . . ._


Artcraft’s final Showcase of the summer will run from Friday 21st August to the closing of Artcraft on Sunday September 20th.

“Interlude” is based around the delicate still life groupings of Sharon Simonds Chia. She sees her paintings as “intimate, contemplative compositions of natural and man made objects in a formal arrangement.” There is a great balance to her paintings as well as a sense of thoughtfulness that combine to give the viewer a feeling of peace, and the belief that everything is “just so“ and well with the world.

This can be partly explained by Chia’s long time immersion in the culture of the “Far East”, through spending years living in Hong Kong and her marriage to her late husband Fu-Shiang Chia. Her sense of composition has clear roots in the asymmetry and interpretation of nature found in Oriental scroll paintings, creating a balance enhanced by a slow and thoughtful process of choosing and placing natural and man made objects in her arrangements. Chia chooses to use an overhead perspective in her paintings, which allows the exploration of shallow space, shadow and reflection. It is an unusual perspective but somehow works to accentuate the balance and sense of rightness in her compositions.

Her paintings are complimented by the fine ceramic work of Kasumi Lampitoc. Exquisitely crafted with great sensibility, one gets similar feelings of order and peace, to looking at Chia’s paintings, and that each piece is perfectly balanced and has been created with great attention and thought.    Lampitoc’s pieces are collected in small groupings, echoing Chia’s still life compositions on the walls.

Together they create a very balanced and peaceful exhibition that should be enjoyed slowly and contemplatively.

“Interlude” runs from August 21st to September 20th at Mahon hall, with an opening night reception from 6-8pm on Friday 21st August.

Thrifty Foods and The Salt Spring Arts Council are the sponsors.




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