SSAC/AiR resident November 1st.2017- March 12th. 2018

Greg Constantine is an award-winning Canadian/American documentary photographer focusing on issues of human rights and social injustice. Solo exhibitions of his work have been held in over forty international locations. He is the recipient of numerous awards and is the author of three books including the critically acclaimed, Nowhere People, which was named a Notable Photo Book of the Year by Photo District News Magazine and one of the Top Ten Photo Books of 2015 by Mother Jones Magazine. He holds a PhD from Middlesex University (UK). He has been based in Southeast Asia since late 2005.

Residency Proposal

Currently working on a multiple-year project exploring and exposing the impact of immigration detention on people around the world. Constantine will use his time as an SSAC Artist in Residence to develop and craft this growing body of still photographs, audio, video and oral testimonies into short photo essays, text pieces and multimedia features for use in print, online and for several exhibitions scheduled for 2018.


As a documentary photographer, I am required to travel on a consistent basis. Finding time to do many of the essential elements of my work is always a challenge: editing, researching, writing, conceptualizing exhibitions, designing publication outputs and organizing the logistics required for future trips into the field. My four months as an Artist in Residence gave me the opportunity to do all of these things essential to my art. During my Residency I designed three major exhibitions, developed and launched a website for my new project, edited images from work conducted in 2017 and conceptualized what would become a new chapter in my current project on immigration detention, Seven Doors. The work I do and the subject matter I work on does not end with the creation of photographs. Engagement is an extension of the work I do as a documentary photographer. Being able to have discussions and debates with such a dynamic, creative, intellectually engaged community like Salt Spring was the most memorable aspect of my residency.

The Residency provided us with a fast-track into the community that made our time on SSI incredibly rich and fulfilling. Being invited to gatherings, openings and also discussions with various people on the island resulted in strong new friendships and deeper appreciation for how unique and special SSI is.

Jennifer and I decided to totally embrace the AiR experience, make the most out of it, be as productive as possible, find and create opportunities to engage with the community and see this as an opportunity to have a transformative experience. Both of us feel our time on SSI was exactly this.

AiR made a huge contribution to me at this point in my career. It is an important part of the cultural health and uniqueness of Salt Spring Island. It is incredible a community like Salt Spring Island has a program like AiR and though it is only in its second year, AiR shows so much potential to continue to grow and develop and attract the interest of artists from BC and across Canada.

Meet the Artist


Multiple presentations to the community, interaction with students from GCISS, and culminated in an exhibit at Fault Lines Gallery in Ganges. Greg Constantine also acted as the presenter for the documentary “ The Venerable W ” at the Salt Spring Film Festival.

While in residence he mounted exhibits at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK, and in the Russel Senate Building in Washington DC.

Organised while on Salt Spring and immediately following his residency he made presentations at Liu Institute of Global Studies at UBC, as part of UBC Virani Lecture Series, at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in Vancouver,a, and at, and at s part of their Floor 9 Salon Series Talks, and at UBC Outside-In Photojournal Conference.

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