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The Salt Spring Arts Council, as the major arts organization on Salt Spring Island, supports and advocates for the arts as well as helping promote arts as key to the island’s economy and creative appeal.

The Council is only as strong as its membership. By joining, you link with others to ensure the arts community has a strong voice among all stakeholders.

You also help to build bridges between arts organizations, arts practitioners, arts promoters and arts appreciators both on and off the island. The Arts Council will protect your interests and make certain your views are foremost in its role as the island’s arts advocate in the province.

The Salt Spring Arts Council operates historic Mahon Hall. Your investment helps maintain and upgrade this valuable community resource.

Our membership program is extensive, aimed at attracting those whose interest in the arts range from practising artists in fields including visual, performing, literary and musical arts to others who are collectors, admirers or promoters of the work of Salt Spring’s artists and artisans.

We welcome new members. When you join you can select from a wide variety of membership categories. Basic memberships includes options for individuals, families and students on a budget. Art appreciators, collectors and patrons can benefit from special events tailored to their interests as arts consumers. Arts practitioners can gain valuable business benefits by choosing a joint membership with the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce. There is also a membership designed to suit the needs of Guilds and other non-profit organizations.

For more information about membership categories, go to Join the Council.