Found: Rolando Lampitoc & Nathalie Carles

Rolando Lampitoc – Encaustic portraits with jewellery by Nathalie Carles. July 31st to August 19th.


Found, the 3rd of ArtCrafts Showcase Gallery features the work of two artists, Rolando Lampitoc and Nathalie Carles.

Lampitock, a former graphic artist, who lives on Galiano Island, works full time as a visual artist and painter. His current work is influenced by reels of old negatives kept by his father. “My father was a portrait artist and had amassed a vast negative collection for a reference to his work. I knew long time ago that these negatives existed but, while my father was alive, I was never allowed to view or touch them even during his twilight years. I purposely looked for the negatives days after his passing.”

Lampitoc uses his father’s photographs of women as content for his paintings. Some of the faces he recognized as relatives, others are of complete strangers. Loose brush strokes create movement, bringing a liveliness to his subjects. Because of this technique, they appear more active rather than still, inanimate portraits. “It was actually hard for me to arrive at this style. It was more of a mental obstacle rather than a technical issue. My research of “letting go” is more of an inner search than just the practice of painting.”

Nathalie Carles necklaces are a mass of found objects: rhinestones, venetian glass beads, stars, hearts, stones and charms: Bits and pieces gleaned from others’ discarded trinkets and then newly strung together to form a new narrative “giving them a new life.” Carles, originally from Paris, would observe her mother, who, like herself, had penchant for using her hands whether sewing, knitting or quilting.

“One day, I wanted to make myself a necklace, I was still living in Paris at that time, I wore the necklace, someone asked me where I got it and that person bought it from me. I made another one for myself, wore it and sold it. I decided to make more and loved it. I get old or broken jewelry from garage sale, friends, thrift stores, where ever I can put my hands on broken things that were once beautiful.”

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