Featured Artist: Sonja Barnard

We take a dive into the depths of ceramics with today’s featured artist: Sonja Barnard!

Growing up all over the world, from Germany to New Zealand and Australia to B.C., Sonja creates in response to the divine feeling of interconnection she finds kayaking through the West Coast.

With work featuring intertwining orcas, kelp, starfish and mer-people, Sonja explores coastal dreamworlds with subtle embellishments – sparkling rhinestones in eyes, or metallic scales decking out glamorous fish.

Sonja is a member of the Salt Spring Potters Guild, and participated in the International Symposium on Ceramics in 2012. She has studied painting, print making, graphic design, art history, & ceramics.

This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. You can contact this artist through the Arts Council here.


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