This week’s featured artist is Patti Moreland!

Patti is textile worker with a profound sense of character and fun, as well as a love of nature. Patti says of her work:

“Plants and animals have always been my inspiration for creativity. Everything I make is something that I have seen in nature and consequently feel some bizarre and nagging urge to imitate. Though I know I will never truly mimic the beauty of the things I see, I will keep trying and no doubt infuse a wee bit of humour along the way.”

“My medium is repurposed textiles and previously loved objects. I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, but began sculpting with cloth several years ago. The animals that I create range from whimsical to lifelike as I oscillate between a passion for both types of sculpture. I love to give human traits and personalities to many of the creatures that I create, often giving them a comical or sarcastic twist. Each character has it’s own life story and some have even been interviewed, on a little known talk show called “Beside the Bookcase.” Every sculpture that I create is one of a kind, and made from carefully chosen repurposed textiles.”

“I currently live on beautiful Galiano Island, one of British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands. I live and work amidst my husband, daughter and son, and an energetic flock of Indian Runner, Blue Swedish and miniature Call ducks that I keep for eggs and entertainment.”

This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at, or contact them through the Arts Council here.