Featured Artisan: Salt Spring Vinegar

This week we taste some of the yummy artisan work the island has to offer, with Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar!


The delicious vinegar comes courtesy of Bree Eagle, an islander raised growing fruits and vegetables on her parents’ farm. Bree mastered fermenting vinegar during her years of learning how to preserve the abundance around her. Now, Bree creates concoctions from her own fruit and the finest local produce she can find.


What gives Bree’s vinegar it’s special edge is the fact that each batch is fermented from the fruit that flavours it. Many other vinegar producers flavour generic vinegar for their products after fermentation. Here, the fresh, local-or-BC-grown fruit is instead brewed into its own wine, which is then turned to a much richer, more complex vinegar. Using the intended fruit not just for flavouring, but for the whole process of vinegar-making, truly captures its essence in the bottle.

The bottles are capped in golden wax, and range from fruity wine vinegars to more balsamic-style vinegar perfect for dipping bread with oil.



This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at https://saltspringvinegar.com/, or contact them through the Arts Council here.

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