SSAC/AiR resident October 14th – November 15th 2017

Fatima was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Canada in 1992. Originally an economist, she studied for her BFA at the University of Waterloo, graduating in 2005. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in Canada and Iran, and her work is included in the Canada Council Art Bank. She is a founding member of BOX, a regional art show showcasing local and emerging artists in the Waterloo Region.

Residency Proposal

My focus will be on process and materials, creating print based sculptural works, and exploring the temporal nature of experimental work. My aim is to break away from habitual ways of working, explore new ideas, and re-evaluate my relationship to my work.

I will strive to mix influences from east and west – ornamental and modern design – from my Iranian background and my art training in Canada. I plan to combine motifs of decorative and geometric patterns found in Persian miniatures, but modify them to my own ends. I am interested in being faithful to the tenets of abstraction, that the work should lead the way.


My AiR experience worked well for me. I adjusted mentally and financially well to my new home and my new work place. It was inspiring, productive and gave me a great boost to expand and create new work. I achieved my goal of working outside of my comfort zone and trying new forms and materials in my art, which was very satisfying for me. A memorable aspect of my residency was my pop up show “Experiential #1 ”at the Point Gallery. For serious artists recognition of their work publicly is highly important and the show was a great incentive to work harder. The closing reception was great despite having a heavy rainstorm.

Meet the Artist


Presentation at the SS Library to the community.

Interaction with fellow print makers Maura Bryne, Richard York and the SS Print makers Guild.

Pop up exhibit “ Experiential #1” at the Point Gallery.

Visit Fatima Garzan’s website