SSAC/AiR Pop up resident August 2019

Emmanuel is a mathematics teacher by profession, living in France, where he has been practicing experimental music for 20 years.
He comes from the experimental noise music scene, is a self-taught,instinctive musician who considers that every object hides an endless source of sounds. His work is both art and exploration. His performances lead the audience to live a strange private trip, a launch into orbit where sounds aggregate and mix up deliciously.
He composes for dance companies( (Co Erasga, Canada), plastic artists,(Marc Gérenton),poets (Hubert Haddad, Ivar Ch‘vavar) or for moving pictures.
Since 2011 he has published one piece of music a week, a diary reflecting his sound experiences ,extracts from his ongoing creations or his reactions to current events such as the Arab and Japanese Spring or the French government migrant policy.
PERFORMANCES Festival les Ephémères (PARIS), Festival des Musiques LIbres (Besançon). Festival d‘Avignon
ALBUMS Journal Sonore (2011) La Dysnastie des Polygones (2012) Rodeo Ranger (2015)

Residency Proposal

Install a sound scored for the space. Sensors ( temperature,
pressure, colors, gas) are on and send some indications to the computer
programmed to arrange the score. The experimentation needs 10 days at least.
I use vegetables which develop molds. As well as the sound generated by the molds the colour and heat changes are also documented by the sensor, giving information
to the computer, this is then used to change the volume or the tune etc. as I decide.

Patterning for the Unexpected: Improvisation as a tool, object, metaphor


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