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Instructor Gillian McConnell

Vessels – Drawing on an Idea for ages 11 and up.

Friday October 7th from 10-4pm @ Mahon Hall  12 students max.

In this fun, one day workshop, we will create a series of drawings exploring the vessel as an object, a vehicle and a symbol. Consider the vessel as container, carrier, connector—of things, people, communities, ideas and life itself.

You will have the opportunity to try out a variety of media, substrates and drawing techniques and use 100 year-old charcoal recovered from Isaburo Tasaka’s pit kilns, which were restored last year in Mouat Park, Ganges, Salt Spring Island

Charcoal is the most ancient fuel used for cooking and forging. It is also the most basic medium used for drawing. Like clay vessels, charcoal is created by slow firing (of wood or vines) in a kiln.  Clay is fired in kilns to make utensils like the plates and bowls we use everday, as well as decorative objects and sculptures.

Materials List

Please bring:  Any drawing media you have (charcoal, graphite, conté, pastels (oil or chalk), coloured pencils etc.), inks & acrylic or gouache paints, cheap brushes.
A palette or old white plate to mix paint on, rags and protection for your clothes.
(or wear old clothes)

I will provide:  A variety of media for you to use in the workshop (including charcoal from Mouat Park), a variety of papers to draw/paint on,  brushes and other drawing utensils.

Gillian McConnell

My Teaching Philsophy

In our culture, only those of us who are able to accurately represent 3D forms on 2D planes are regarded as artistically gifted. Technical prowess is not the same thing as artistic ability. Many a superbly executed portrait fails to capture the sitter’s personality. Many a deceptively simple abstract embodies the essence of love, joy or grief.
My teaching philosophy is based on my belief that everyone has the ability, and probably the need, to create. Everyone has thoughts, feelings and impressions worthy of expression—in paint, melody, poetry or performance.

All of my courses and workshops are designed to help participants become fully present in the process of creating. When we connect deeply with the subject and ourselves, we produce work that is aesthetically engaging, emotionally moving, intellectually stimulating and/or spiritually uplifting—work that embodies the essence of who we are.

About my Art Practice

I am an interdisciplinary artist. I employ visual metaphor as a vehicle to explore issues concerning popular culture, politics and psychology. The underlying theme in my work is my belief that dichotomy is an illusion.
We live in a divide to conquer world. None of us is immune to cultural conditioning that pits male against female, black against white, rich against poor, terrorist against freedom fighter, or representational against abstract. It’s an insidious game of us vs them―we are forever right―but never win.

I hold a  BFA (major–printmaking / minor–art history) from Queen’s University at Kingston Ontario (1980). I have also studied textile and fashion design, marketing and multimedia. I began my art career as a print maker (intaglio) and began painting in 1997. My current practice incorporates drawing, photography, collage, installation and assemblage.
I have been teaching art workshops since 2004. My teaching experience on Salt Spring Island includes workshops for members of the Painters Guild, Workshops on the Rock, Salt Spring Academy students, individuals and small groups. I usually teach adults, however I have also taught high school students, including all grades of GISS students under the Artist in the Class program in 2015.

Friday October 7th from 10-4pm @ Mahon Hall

Ages 11 – 14

Fee – $75 per youth includes materials. 6 hour workshop.

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