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Setting Up Your Directory Profile


The Directory is available only to SSAC Members – your membership must be valid. You will first become a site user, by choosing a user name and password. Then you enter the site, input your Coupon Code and, access your Account Area where you will set up, or edit, your public Profile. Each time you create or change your profile it must be approved by the Site Admin before it goes live (this protects the site from unwanted content). Please keep in mind that you won’t see your live site instantaneously. 

Before you Begin:

Gather your digital materials:

  • Bio and/ or Artist Statement
  • Supporting materials: Images, videos or music files. Image files will show best if they are edited to the same height dimensions.
  • **Images: It’s highly recommended that you upload web-friendly images: between 100-700kb size files and no more than 1MB (smaller files load faster for the viewer). Consider editing your images to be no more than 600 – 1000 dpi in height.
  • You will need 5-10 minutes to create your profile.

Here’s the Link:



On your first visit: Create your User account – this is your log in info

  1. Select: MY ACCOUNT (from top menu RH)
  2. Select: REGISTER (Log in box bottom LH)
  3. Register New Account:
  • Fill out: username, email, password
  • Fill out: What is the Sum of
  • Select: SELECT (Confirm you are a SSAC Member). It will become green.
  • Select: REGISTER

Now you can Login

  1. Fill in your new: username and password
  2. Select: LOG IN
  3. Select: Apply Your Member Coupon Code You Received Via Membership Purchase
  • Discount code: enter your exact code

Create Your Artist Profile

  1. Select: MY ACCOUNT (from top menu RH)
  2. Select: CREATE ARTIST PROFILE (lower LH column)

Make Your Profile. All your profile information will be public. Make sure to SAVE LISTING:

  1. Listing Description:
  • Title – your public name or business
  • Description – your Bio or Artist Statement, as long or short as you’d like.

Hint: The first 200 characters show in brief where your profile is listed with others

  • Key words: (optional) words that describe the nature or medium of your work.
  1. Listing Details: add your website
  2. Listing Category: Select up to 6 (including SSAC programs you are a confirmed participant this year, for example if you are in Wintercraft, or an At Large artist with Workshops on the Rock).
  3. Listing Attachments: upload your images (jpg), videos, music, docs (up to 10).

Hint: Acceptable File Formats: jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf/.flv/.mp4/.mp3

  1. Select the green box: Add Images
  2. Choose File: (you can now select a file on your computer)
  1. Listing Location – add address if you want a location listed
  2. IMPORTANT! Select: SAVE LISTING at the bottom of the page – this will upload your files and save your content.



You’re done! Once your listing is approved by the site administrator it will be live.

You can go back and Edit Profile anytime.