SSNAP 2015 FIRST WINNER of Joan MacConnell Award

FIRST SSAC AiR RESIDENT February 29th.-March 20th.2016

Corrie Peters spent the early years of her life in the small community of Boissevain Manitoba.
Since then she has lived in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. Corrie has recently settled on unceded Coast Salish territory in Victoria, BC.

She has a socially engaged practice that knows there are undemocratic realities to relationships that echo those in the larger systems of power we live in. Corrie has been privileged to learn how to approach art, activism, caring and helping from many on the edges of the systems of power that we all operate within. This learning can take the
 form of knitting together, talking on their front steps, sharing food and their lives.
She holds a BA in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria, a BFA with Distinction in Studio Arts from Concordia University, and a MFA from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.

Residency Proposal

As 2015 SSNAP winner Corrie was our very first AiR artist in residence and is pictured here with prize giver Joan McConnell.  The SSNAP winner can use their time in whatever way pleases them. Below are the concluding words given by Corrie upon her arrival at a presentation to the Salt Spring community about her art practice:

“There is this idea in art, relational art and socially engaged art, that the artist is the one with the ideas or the genius about something. By working on myself to try to break down the hierarchies of who needs help and who is the helper I have come to this place of less expectation about needing to have the genius idea. I am not saying that I have arrived, I’m just trying to figure it out.

For now I get to make relationships and during or after that translate what I have learnt to a bigger audience and hopefully that brings up a few questions or connections for them too.”


“The residency on Salt Spring introduced me to the talented, dedicated and thoughtful community there.  I am so thankful for the ways this connection and support has continued and grown since then.” Corrie Peters, April 2018

Meet the Artist


Presentation: “ Socially Engaged Art : Knitting, Food and Power” co-sponsered by SS Library

Pop Up Show at the Point Gallery ……March 17-18th. 2016
For more information about Corrie on Salt Spring go to:

Visit Corrie Peters website