The Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee of the Board deals with the affairs of the Arts Council between meetings of the Board
  • Urgent matters when it is impractical or impossible to call a meeting of the Board
  • Staff issues


Standing Committees

ArtCraft Committee

–Chair: Judy Goodman

The ArtCraft Committee operates, at Mahon Hall, a juried summer show and sale of art and fine craft by Southern Gulf Islands’ artists. It also has responsibility for WinterCraft and Showcase Exhibits.

Artist in the Class Committee

–Chair: Rineke Jonker

The Artist in the Class Program Committee invites Salt Spring artists to participate in the program and review their applications for inclusion in an annual Catalogue of Artists.

Arts in the Community Committee

–Chair: Stefanie Denz

The Arts in the Community Committee develops and manages workshop programs and related initiatives that position the arts as a community resource.

Communications Committee

  • Develops and recommends to the Board, a communications and advocacy strategy for the Arts Council
  • Implements the communications and advocacy strategy
  • Undertakes communications and advocacy activities that enhance and increase the profile of the Arts Council in a positive and consistent manner
  • Identifies opportunities and recommends and develops for Board approval, materials and actions that advocate on behalf of the arts on Salt Spring Island
  • Serves as a spokesperson for the Board in certain instances that the Board deems necessary

Events Committee

The Events Committee develops and implements short-term events and activities (except educational ones that are covered by the Artist in the Class Committee) in support of the arts on Salt Spring Island. Such events may be led by the Arts Council or conducted in partnership with the Council. Currently, this includes the Easter Art Tour, the Masterpiece Weekend and Santa Day.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee develops and implements fund raising initiatives and events to support the Arts Council and its various programs and activities.

Grants & Awards Committee

–Chair: Janet Haliwell

  • Develops program policies for the Arts Council’s grants and awards programs
  • Reviews all submissions received under the aegis of those programs
  • Recommends to the Arts Council, changes in programs

The Mahon Hall Committee

–Chair: Neil Morie

  • Renovates, preserves and maintains Mahon Hall
  • Reviews the list of repairs and possible modifications of Mahon Hall necessary to preserve the building and to have it suit the needs and uses of the community and the Arts Council
  • Develops a strategic plan to accomplish the required work and presents the plan for Board approval
  • Raises funds and prepares applications for grants (government, community, foundation, corporate) to provide the needed funding to accomplish the preservation and maintenance mandate
  • Once funding is available, implements the approved plan
  • Operates Mahon Hall as a community facility
  • Ensures that the building and chattels are in a safe, functional and clean condition at all times
  • Actively encourages more rentals and usage of Mahon Hall by the community (with priority given to Arts Council Committees and Members)
  • Regularly reports to the Arts Council on the status of any ongoing renovations, fund raising and on the current rental situation

The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has responsibility for

  • Maintaining and increasing the membership of the Arts Council. This includes:
  • Periodically reviewing and improving benefits associated with Arts Council membership
  • Communication these benefits to the members and potential members on an annual basis
  • launching and managing membership drives
  • Reviewing existing membership categories and recommending new categories for membership where appropriate
  • Reviewing the fee structure for membership categories and making recommendations on any changers to the Arts Council Board in time for formal approval at the Annual General Meeting

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee recruits, interviews and prepares a slate of candidates for the ensuing year and reports this to the Annual General meeting. It also recommends candidates to fill Board positions vacated during the year.

Ad Hoc Committees

Steering Committee for the School/Centre for the Arts on Salt Spring Island

  • Researches and identifies the potential users of a school/centre for the arts
  • Researches and evaluates the sustainability of various models for a school/centre of the arts to be created on Salt Spring Island, including issues relevant to the creation and operation of the school/centre
  • Consults with the residents of Salt Spring Island regarding the options for a school/centre for the arts
  • Recommends the Arts Council up to 2 models for a school/centre for the arts
  • Works with the Fundraising Committee towards the financial endowment for the school/centre for the arts