SSAC/AiR pop-up residency April 29th.- May 1st, 2018

Entering its 18th season, CoERASGA Dance is led by critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino. An international dance company that supports and contributes to the development and enhancement of contemporary dance globally, CoERASGA continues to seek new and challenging projects that provide opportunities and cross-cultural issues in today’s society. Its memorable and critically acclaimed dance productions presented in Vancouver include SOLA, BATO/Stone, MINORI, Volt, She Said, Field, OrienTik/Portrait, BODYGlass, PARADISE/Paradis, ADAMEVE/Man-Woman, Expose, Colonial , Shifting Geography and most recently Unwrapping Culture. To date, CoERASGA has visited over 50 diverse cities and communities outside of Vancouver to share the art of dance.

Residency Proposal

CoERASGA dance in partnership with Antler Ridge Dance Studio will present a community dance engage project through dance presentation, community dance workshop and artistic dialogue. This collaborative project enhances the development of contemporary and cross cultural dance networks for Vancouver and Salt Spring. The project will celebrate the International Dance Day April 29. 2018.

Community Dance Workshop Fabrics & Dance

Join the dancers of CoERASGA dance and choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino in an exploratory workshop with fabrics and movement.
Body, gestures, space, shape, rhythm and physical interaction are explored in this transcultural dance experience. Drawing from Tolentino’s inspired ensemble dance work Tracing Malong that investigates cultural artifacts and heritages.

No dance experience necessary but the willingness to play and be transported to move.

Dance Performance

Tracing Malong centers around the malong, the traditional tube-like and intricately printed fabric associated with many parts of the Philippines. The malong is one of the quintessential icons of textiles, traditionally and still in use to day– the fabric of a hundred uses, from a blanket, a prayer mat, a baby-carrier, a skirt, a head cover, a baby hammock, a fruit basket, a sleeping bag, and so many things.
Tracing Malong comes to life in a contemporary, progressive and provocative production choreographed by Alvin Erasga Tolentino and told in dance by seven contemporary dancers from the Philippines and Vancouver.

“Tracing Malong dance and production represent to me continuity and progress, where tradition is active, dynamic and not static”
Alvin Erasga Tolentino.

DANCERS: From Manila: Ronelson Yadao & Kris-Belle Mamangun From Vancouver: Sophia Wolfe, Walter Kubanek, Molly McDermott, Olivia Shaffer & Deanna Peters
SOUND DESIGN: Emmanuel Mailly
LIGHTING: Mark Eugster & Jessica Han
COSTUMES: Ines Ortner


The outcome of our AiR experience was successful, providing CoERASGA the space and time to set the work at Mahon Hall. This was the first time the hall had been utilized for a dance performance, the show was intimate and the intensity of the work was felt by the audience. The spaces we worked in were absolutely remarkable especially the studio space of Antler Ridge Dance studio- welcoming, clean, efficient and well equipped..

It was the first CoERASGA dance presentation in SSI, an engagement that allowed the company to meet the mandate to serve smaller communities in BC, to enhance and disseminate dance to the widest audience possible.

Most memorable are the people we have met and engaged with in SSI. The warm hospitality and true community presence and spirit was inspiring. The workshops and performance were well attended. Community members were present and always willing to help.

We hoped to have more young people engaged and see our work. We provided a small workshop in the Gulf Island high school arts program but none of the kids managed to see the work presentation, this creative link would have served the youth better, developing deeper exchanges of populations between different generations from the young to the old.

CoERASGA’s mandate as a dance company is to reach the widest possible audiences across the world and to expand it’s networks to BC communities enabling us to open up the discussion and inclusion of diverse artistic practices and advocacy for Asian-Canadian diaspora, AiR has given us the opportunity to be part of the SSI community.

The creative team of CoERASGA extends their gratitude to SSI community the experiences were impactful to our professional lives.

Alvin Erasga Tolentino, Director CoERASGA

Alvin Erasga Talentino and his dancers were a delight to host. Alvin was organized, kind and generous in his communications. His company members stayed in our homes and were very respectful, showing true interest in our lives and sharing their own stories with us. The community workshop was well attended. The smiles and avid participation by all  proved it a great success.  The performance was dynamic. Sitting close to the dancers was exhilarating! It was great to see how what we learned in the workshop was performed by the talented dancers.
Robbyn Scott, Co producer of CoERASGA’s Pop-Up residency

Meet the Artist

Alvin Erasga Tolentino


Two workshops were held one at the high school with dance students and one at Antler Ridge Dance Studio involving dancers and interested members of the community.

“I enjoyed the challenge of this exploration, guided by Alvin Erasga, discovering new movement pathways in a welcoming and inclusive (all levels) community-oriented workshop. I was grateful this event was offered right here on Salt Spring, making it accessible to try out something new in a fun and supportive context.” Vie Martineau, community dancer, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist

A performance of Tracing Malong was followed by a discussion with the audience, led by Alvin Erasga Torrentino.

“I found the performance fascinating and engaging. The interesting mix of dancers in terms of style and body type became a wonderful blend, much like the weave and texture of the fabrics. Musically complex and well interpreted..” Lottie Devindisch , SSI community dancer

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