Michael Robb

The island arts community has lost one of its oldest and most prominent members with the death of Michael Robb. His leonine presence will be missed.

American by birth and Canadian by choice, Michael remained a keen critic and observer of politics and retained a lifelong interest in military history, after his own National Guard service in Kansas. But it was the artist in him that grew furthest, and he became a teacher and practitioner of the fine arts.  A move to Ontario also made him a homesteader and builder, avocations he followed again when first Gabriola and then Salt Spring called him to the west coast.

But it was as an artist that most of us knew Michael. By the time he arrived on Salt Spring, he well primed to become the essential island artist. His restless energy made him a glass blower, painter and sculptor in metal. His partnership of nearly forty years with Donna Johnstone, made him a family man, engaging host, and father to Aja, now well launched on her own creative career, and a lovely friend to Michael in the last years of his life.

Michael’s sense of irony and his independence made his artist’s voice distinct. He was both unpretentious about his art and fiercely declarative. There was no point criticizing or praising his work. He knew what he wanted. And that, for most of us, a little younger than Michael, included a slight time shift. His work was rooted in a kind of 1950’s art-deco style. His metal sculpture contained humour, made all the more stark for its reality — we did say irony, didn’t we. Nor did Michael hide is flame; he was quick to praise and encourage work […]

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Jessica Sallay-Carrington

January 7 – April 7, 2019

Jessica Sallay-Carrington is a Vancouver, B.C. born artist who moved to Montreal, Quebec where she received her BFA in ceramics at Concordia University in 2014. Upon completing her undergrad Jessica continues to produce work in her studio and actively pursues artistic travel opportunities. Attending residencies has brought her to Greece, Italy, Denmark and multiple locations around Canada and USA. Jessica has been apart of many exhibitions in North America as well as a couple in Europe. Her inspirations derive from people who work for gender equality and women who show what it means to “fight like a girl”

Residency Proposal


Terms used by some people who experience their gender identity and/or gender expression as falling outside the categories of man and woman. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms. The term is not a synonym for transgender or transsexual and should only be used if someone self-identifies as non-binary and/or gender queer.

Hello my name is Jessica and I use the pronouns “she/her” and “they/them”. I was raised as a girl and I have a female body to match, but even at a young age I never fit into the mold of what a girl *should* act or look like. I would always feel a pang of pleasure when someone vocalized their confusion about my gender, which is still true today. I am not abandoning my female identity but I don’t feel I fully fit into that gender identity. I have used my art to try and better understand the meaning gender in today’s society […]

Dianne Whelan

January & February 2019

Dianne Whelan is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and photographer . In  2010, Whelan traveled to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp to direct and shoot her documentary film 40 Days at Base Camp.The film had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival and was the opening night film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2011. She is the first woman to shoot a film on the world’s highest mountain.

The subject of her first book This Vanishing Land references her experience as an embedded media person on a historical Sovereignty Patrol in the Canadian High Arctic. Her National Film Board documentary This Land is based on the same journey and has won several awards, including Best Short Documentary at both the Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto and the 2010 Leo Awards for BC film and television. A multi-media web project on her Arctic journey won Best Small Multimedia Site at the Online Journalism Awards and was nominated for best art at SXSW. The site was also nominated for a 2011 Gemini award for Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction.

Her current project is a feature film 500 Days in the Wild an unfolding story that ebbs and flows between documentary and adventure film, taking us into the realm of myth and legend. It is a 5-year ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage along the longest trail in the world – the 24,000 km Great Trail (the Trans Canada Trail) and combines stories of the land, the people and the communities she passes through.
Dianne’s films, books and multimedia projects are based on adventures and the blending of traditional wisdom with modern cultures.

Residency Proposal

Dianne […]

Job Positing: SSNAP Administrator

Reports to: Under the auspices of the SSAC, the Administrator will report to the SSNAP Director and Chair of Committee

Job purpose: To perform a range of administrative tasks in support of the Salt Spring National Art Prize.

Duties and responsibilities

The primary duties associated with this position are as follows:

  • Attending and collecting minutes at SSNAP meetings, in addition to supporting the work of SSNAP committees
  • Preparing reports for the SSAC (Salt Spring Arts Council)
  • Providing logistical support for events
  • Monitoring and responding to phone calls during the four month submission period Performing an active role generating, and distributing promotional copy through social media
  • Providing administrative and logistics assistance to the SSNAP jurors
  • Assisting the SSNAP Analyst and submission committee with the background research and vetting of SSNAP applicants to ensure adherence to eligibility guidelines


The successful applicant will have extensive experience with performing a range of administrative tasks including minute-taking and digital file management in addition to demonstrating a fluency in the associated applications i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel etc .
The applicant will also be adept at writing, organizing and releasing posts and information relevant to SSNAP through various social media channels.

Additional skills include experience with web-based research, and being an effective communicator.
As this position is performed off-site, the applicant must have their own computer and reliable internet access.

Working conditions

This one year (renewable) term position is performed remotely at the employee’s home/office with occasional attendance of meetings, all conducted on-island. The monthly time commitment will vary dependent upon the lifecycle of SSNAP and its associated events.

Associated competencies

The following competencies are associated with this position:

• Achieving business results through planning, organizing and coordinating
• Personal effectiveness demonstrated through flexibility and organizational commitment • […]

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Job Positing: Artcraft Manager 2019

The Salt Spring Arts Council seeks interested candidates for the position of Artcraft Manager 2019.

Scope of Position:

Artcraft, a long-standing program of the Salt Spring Arts Council, is comprised of a gallery and retail program showcasing the work of Gulf Island artists and craftspeople. The Artcraft Manager is primarily responsible for managing the programs and operations of Artcraft, including Artcraft, Wintercraft, and Showcases which take place between April – December (35 weeks). Salary Range is $25,000 – $30,000 dependent on qualifications.

The Artcraft Manager is responsible for:

  • Day to day management of a retail/gallery venue including sales, customer service, staff supervision;
  • Planning for and implementing the selection, curation and staging of Showcase Exhibitions;
  • Developing an implementation plan and schedule including: advertising, communications, staffing, budgeting, submissions and registration, gallery curation and retail display;
  • Ensuring good public relations policy and practice;
  • Attending Committee, Board and staff meetings as required;
  • Other duties in support of the SSAC and Artcraft Committee.

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Demonstrated retail sales experience, with superior display and merchandising ability, and the knowledge of contemporary arts and crafts;
  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills (both written and verbal), strong leadership and ability to communicate easily and tactfully;
  • Proficiency and experience with administrative procedures, inventory control, computer programs (word processing, spreadsheets, POS, etc.);
  • Possesses a high degree of professionalism and ability to work effectively as a member of a small team and volunteer committee;
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills: ability to prioritize and meet deadlines, manage a wide variety of tasks simultaneously and to thrive in a fast-paced work environment;
  • Successful candidate must be able to work flexibly, including some evenings or extended hours;
  • Additional skills and experience suitable for a multi-faceted non-profit organization […]
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Noelle Hamlyn

January 15 – March 15, 2019

With a background in craft, textiles, fine art and costuming, Noelle Hamlyn is fascinated with materials and process – seeking a balance between conceptual ideas and technical execution. Based in Mississauga, her work has been shown nationally and internationally and is held in permanent collections such as of the Cambridge Art Gallery, the Japanese Paper Place, the City of Mississauga Culture Division, and the Cleveland University Hospitals.

She is CoArtistic Director of Frog and Hand – an interdisciplinary collective of performance and visual artists. Through Frog in Hand Noelle explores her love of costume, scenography, and multi-disciplinary artistic collaborations.

Residency Proposal

In 2014, I began experimenting with salt as an artistic and sculptural medium. Using fragile Japanese gampi tissue paper to wrap the ‘tools of the trade’ – sewing machines, scissors, buttons, irons, spools and bobbins of hand spun thread, thimbles, pins, needles and spinning wheels – evoked ghost-like echoes of hands that once used these ‘old fashioned’ tools. These tools were then exposed to various saline solutions and left to cool, forming salt crystals across the papered surfaces. Salt solutions and crystals are like the sweat labour and salt tears of the seamstress – a gentle meditation on the loss of traditional skills and labour practices.

Using this previous work as a starting point, I would like to continue to explore and consider the biological and social-political properties of salt-0.3 mg of salt in a teardrop; 500 mg/lb in human sweat and specific to the Salt Spring location – the 3.5 % salinity of seawater thought to have been essential to the evolution of human life. Historically, salt has been used as currency, a […]

Audrey M. Feltham

March 15 – April 15, 2019

I am a professional printmaker and fibre artist who has been working in the visual art field for over a span of 26 years. I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta but have lived in Newfoundland and Labrador for 47 years. I graduated with my B.F.A. from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook in 1992 and have travelled extensively to do both residencies and workshops, both within Canada and internationally. My work is collected in public galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.

Residency Proposal

This residency is intended as an initial exploration into the development of a new body of work. It will continue to explore my interest in aging and the concept of “home”. Using images of the objects my mother refused to part with when she left her home of 65 years, I am documenting these material possessions with the intention of infusing them with a sense of emotional attachment and lived history within a set time and space.

This work continues to explore my interest in print and fibre art mark making. I have been using fibre art mark making techniques in my print work since I started exhibiting in 1992. My interest in the use of stitch reflects my awareness of the fact that it reflects the subservient role of women in society while at the same time allowing women a source of creativity.

The work involves both drawing and printing processes as well as fibre art construction techniques. The use of line and shape infuses the objects with a sense of emotive importance as well as placing the object within a psychological landscape. The drawing is transferred to paper or textile using […]

Featured Artisan: Salt Spring Vinegar

This week we taste some of the yummy artisan work the island has to offer, with Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar!


The delicious vinegar comes courtesy of Bree Eagle, an islander raised growing fruits and vegetables on her parents’ farm. Bree mastered fermenting vinegar during her years of learning how to preserve the abundance around her. Now, Bree creates concoctions from her own fruit and the finest local produce she can find.


What gives Bree’s vinegar it’s special edge is the fact that each batch is fermented from the fruit that flavours it. Many other vinegar producers flavour generic vinegar for their products after fermentation. Here, the fresh, local-or-BC-grown fruit is instead brewed into its own wine, which is then turned to a much richer, more complex vinegar. Using the intended fruit not just for flavouring, but for the whole process of vinegar-making, truly captures its essence in the bottle.

The bottles are capped in golden wax, and range from fruity wine vinegars to more balsamic-style vinegar perfect for dipping bread with oil.



This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at https://saltspringvinegar.com/, or contact them through the Arts Council here.

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Featured Artist: Brent Birney-Hintz

Today’s featured artist is right on the dot: welcome Brent Birney-Hintz!

Influenced by the Group of Seven, E.J. Hughes, and Monet, Brent explores images beyond realist representation. By starting from something real, Brent follows artistic impulse from there to discover a world of vibrant colours, living shapes, and curious life.

A sense of fun and slice-of-life whimsy permeates each piece Birney paints.

Birney is a retired art and woodworking teacher. He has traveled and worked across British Columbia, but now has returned to Salt Spring, where he grew up.

This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at https://www.brentbirney-hintz.com/, or contact them through the Arts Council here.

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Featured Artist: Leslie DeAthe

Today’s featured artist is Leslie DeAthe!


Born in Montreal and an east coaster for much of her life, Leslie is a Saltspringer at heart, having moved here for more peaceful surroundings, less concrete, and a closer community. Dabbling in many creative forms for much of her earlier artistic experience, Leslie found beadwork to be love at first sight.


Leslie on discovering her medium: “These lovely beads provided the chance to play with colour, design, and texture all at once. Now it’s nothing but needle and thread and little tiny beads!”

Leslie often works with organic forms, and is constantly experimenting to find new techniques, patterns, and effects.

This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. To learn more about this artist, visit their website at http://www.lesliedeathe.com/ You can contact this artist through the Arts Council here.


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