Joanie Paterson with Alison Sparshu

August 3rd to August 22nd

Joanie Paterson brings us her studies in print and painting of the Union Steamships of the BC coast. These ships were the lifelines for so many settlements from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. Alison Sparshu is creating 3 dimensional pieces to set the stage of “boat day” a hundred years ago.



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Amy Melious and Shari MacDonald

August 24th to September 16th

Two photographers combine, creating altered landscapes.

Shari MacDonald.

Melious and MacDonald see the same things but portray them in their own unique visions, and using their own unique techniques.

Amy Melious.

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Artcraft 50: The Guilds

Artcraft 50: The Guilds

Opening Reception: Friday June 8th

A group show featuring new works by the arts and crafts guilds of Salt Spring:

Potters, Basketmakers, Jewellers, Weavers and Painters.

The arts and crafts guilds have been associated with the show at Mahon Hall since the 1970s and their involvement is being recognised with the first Showcase of the summer, opening that same night and running until July 4th. It features new and wonderful work by the Potters, Jewellers, Painters, Weavers and Basketmakers guilds. In some ways it will be a smaller, more condensed and more dramatic Artcraft on the stage. The Guilds were all encouraged to produce exciting new works, to show off the incredible talent that calls these islands home. One of the most common things that staff at Artcraft hear is amazement at the incredible quality and diversity of work by so many talented people. The Showcase should shine a spotlight on exactly that.




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Harvest… Gather, Nature… Nourish

Margarite Sanchez and Joan Carrigan

July 6th to August 1st:

The second showcase of Artcraft’s 50th anniversary season sees a unique and luscious combination of the paintings of Margarite Sanchez and the basketry and natural curation of Joan Carrigan.

They both share a passion and fascination with the bounty of nature, Sanchez is particularly drawn to the journey from seed to harvest and back to seed; seeing sustainable and organic food production as an attainable and vital step in the fight for a healthy planet.  Carrigan is transfixed by the beauty and boundless invention of the plant world and sustainably and lovingly harvests materials to then present to the public in a new way, directing people’s eyes and minds to the beauty and vitality of the natural world around them.

Sanchez is also a lover of oil paint and the richness, depth and feeling it can convey. Here her portraits of nature’s bounty explode off the canvas, demanding attention, and conveying the character and importance she recognises in her subjects. They are wonderful, stylised and unusual portraits; full of life, and strength.

Carrigan harvests the materials for her art and in turn makes vessels, so vital around the world in food harvesting.  Here she goes beyond the basket, for example creating ropes from handstripped wood fibres, and weaving berries and seed pods into them, creating curtains. Everything she does is delicate, everything she envisions and creates is harmonious and balanced by nature.

Together they also worked, blending their methods, on a collaboration where Carrigan has woven willow bark and, on […]

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