Fractured Landscapes and Wildlife

Carl Sean McMahon

Opening: Friday 14 June 6pm–8pm

Carl Sean McMahon presents visual representations of the four main geographical regions of British Columbia. The essence of each region is captured by an animal or bird specific to the region and a sculptural painting of its fractured landscape.

The sculptural paintings are a new form for McMahon, incorporating his trademark recycled metals with painted canvas to create unique 3 dimensional landscapes. His new animals are more refined than ever, lending poise and elegance to the strength and power of each subject.



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Taking Liberties: Bending the Rules

Donna Cochran, Judy Goodman, Joanie Paterson

August 2 – 22, 2013

TakingLibertiesShowcase (2)


“Liberties’ produce fine results”

Elizabeth Nolan / Gulf Islands Driftwood Review August 7th, 2013

“Taking Liberties: Bending the Rules is the title behind the latest Showcase exhibition at ArtCraft, and visitors will enjoy seeing how each of the three participants pushed her personal creative limits. Basketry guild members Donna Cochran and Judy Goodman are joined by painter Joanie Paterson for this show, with colourful and intriguing twists on an ancient craft backed by equally innovative acrylic works.”

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