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Jessica Sallay-Carrington

January 7 – April 7, 2019

Jessica Sallay-Carrington is a Vancouver, B.C. born artist who moved to Montreal, Quebec where she received her BFA in ceramics at Concordia University in 2014. Upon completing her undergrad Jessica continues to produce work in her studio and actively pursues artistic travel opportunities. Attending residencies has brought her to Greece, Italy, Denmark and multiple locations around Canada and USA. Jessica has been apart of many exhibitions in North America as well as a couple in Europe. Her inspirations derive from people who work for gender equality and women who show what it means to “fight like a girl”

Residency Proposal


Terms used by some people who experience their gender identity and/or gender expression as falling outside the categories of man and woman. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms. The term is not a synonym for transgender or transsexual and should only be used if someone self-identifies as non-binary and/or gender queer.

Hello my name is Jessica and I use the pronouns “she/her” and “they/them”. I was raised as a girl and I have a female body to match, but even at a young age I never fit into the mold of what a girl *should* act or look like. I would always feel a pang of pleasure when someone vocalized their confusion about my gender, which is still true today. I am not abandoning my female identity but I don’t feel I fully fit into that gender identity. I have used my art to try and better understand the meaning gender in today’s society […]

Dianne Whelan

January & February 2019

Dianne Whelan is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and photographer . In  2010, Whelan traveled to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp to direct and shoot her documentary film 40 Days at Base Camp.The film had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival and was the opening night film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2011. She is the first woman to shoot a film on the world’s highest mountain.

The subject of her first book This Vanishing Land references her experience as an embedded media person on a historical Sovereignty Patrol in the Canadian High Arctic. Her National Film Board documentary This Land is based on the same journey and has won several awards, including Best Short Documentary at both the Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto and the 2010 Leo Awards for BC film and television. A multi-media web project on her Arctic journey won Best Small Multimedia Site at the Online Journalism Awards and was nominated for best art at SXSW. The site was also nominated for a 2011 Gemini award for Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction.

Her current project is a feature film 500 Days in the Wild an unfolding story that ebbs and flows between documentary and adventure film, taking us into the realm of myth and legend. It is a 5-year ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage along the longest trail in the world – the 24,000 km Great Trail (the Trans Canada Trail) and combines stories of the land, the people and the communities she passes through.
Dianne’s films, books and multimedia projects are based on adventures and the blending of traditional wisdom with modern cultures.

Residency Proposal

Dianne […]

Noelle Hamlyn

January 15 – March 15, 2019

With a background in craft, textiles, fine art and costuming, Noelle Hamlyn is fascinated with materials and process – seeking a balance between conceptual ideas and technical execution. Based in Mississauga, her work has been shown nationally and internationally and is held in permanent collections such as of the Cambridge Art Gallery, the Japanese Paper Place, the City of Mississauga Culture Division, and the Cleveland University Hospitals.

She is CoArtistic Director of Frog and Hand – an interdisciplinary collective of performance and visual artists. Through Frog in Hand Noelle explores her love of costume, scenography, and multi-disciplinary artistic collaborations.

Residency Proposal

In 2014, I began experimenting with salt as an artistic and sculptural medium. Using fragile Japanese gampi tissue paper to wrap the ‘tools of the trade’ – sewing machines, scissors, buttons, irons, spools and bobbins of hand spun thread, thimbles, pins, needles and spinning wheels – evoked ghost-like echoes of hands that once used these ‘old fashioned’ tools. These tools were then exposed to various saline solutions and left to cool, forming salt crystals across the papered surfaces. Salt solutions and crystals are like the sweat labour and salt tears of the seamstress – a gentle meditation on the loss of traditional skills and labour practices.

Using this previous work as a starting point, I would like to continue to explore and consider the biological and social-political properties of salt-0.3 mg of salt in a teardrop; 500 mg/lb in human sweat and specific to the Salt Spring location – the 3.5 % salinity of seawater thought to have been essential to the evolution of human life. Historically, salt has been used as currency, a […]

Audrey M. Feltham

March 15 – April 15, 2019

I am a professional printmaker and fibre artist who has been working in the visual art field for over a span of 26 years. I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta but have lived in Newfoundland and Labrador for 47 years. I graduated with my B.F.A. from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook in 1992 and have travelled extensively to do both residencies and workshops, both within Canada and internationally. My work is collected in public galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.

Residency Proposal

This residency is intended as an initial exploration into the development of a new body of work. It will continue to explore my interest in aging and the concept of “home”. Using images of the objects my mother refused to part with when she left her home of 65 years, I am documenting these material possessions with the intention of infusing them with a sense of emotional attachment and lived history within a set time and space.

This work continues to explore my interest in print and fibre art mark making. I have been using fibre art mark making techniques in my print work since I started exhibiting in 1992. My interest in the use of stitch reflects my awareness of the fact that it reflects the subservient role of women in society while at the same time allowing women a source of creativity.

The work involves both drawing and printing processes as well as fibre art construction techniques. The use of line and shape infuses the objects with a sense of emotive importance as well as placing the object within a psychological landscape. The drawing is transferred to paper or textile using […]

Emmanuel Mailly

SSAC/AiR Pop up resident August 2019

Emmanuel is a mathematics teacher by profession, living in France, where he has been practicing experimental music for 20 years.
He comes from the experimental noise music scene, is a self-taught,instinctive musician who considers that every object hides an endless source of sounds. His work is both art and exploration. His performances lead the audience to live a strange private trip, a launch into orbit where sounds aggregate and mix up deliciously.
He composes for dance companies( (Co Erasga, Canada), plastic artists,(Marc Gérenton),poets (Hubert Haddad, Ivar Ch‘vavar) or for moving pictures.
Since 2011 he has published one piece of music a week, a diary reflecting his sound experiences ,extracts from his ongoing creations or his reactions to current events such as the Arab and Japanese Spring or the French government migrant policy.
PERFORMANCES Festival les Ephémères (PARIS), Festival des Musiques LIbres (Besançon). Festival d‘Avignon
ALBUMS Journal Sonore (2011) La Dysnastie des Polygones (2012) Rodeo Ranger (2015)

Residency Proposal

Install a sound scored for the space. Sensors ( temperature,
pressure, colors, gas) are on and send some indications to the computer
programmed to arrange the score. The experimentation needs 10 days at least.
I use vegetables which develop molds. As well as the sound generated by the molds the colour and heat changes are also documented by the sensor, giving information
to the computer, this is then used to change the volume or the tune etc. as I decide.

Patterning for the Unexpected: Improvisation as a tool, object, metaphor


Meet the Artist

TBA Visit Emmanuel Mailly’s website

Corrie Peters

SSNAP 2015 FIRST WINNER of Joan MacConnell Award

FIRST SSAC AiR RESIDENT February 29th.-March 20th.2016

Corrie Peters spent the early years of her life in the small community of Boissevain Manitoba.
Since then she has lived in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. Corrie has recently settled on unceded Coast Salish territory in Victoria, BC.

She has a socially engaged practice that knows there are undemocratic realities to relationships that echo those in the larger systems of power we live in. Corrie has been privileged to learn how to approach art, activism, caring and helping from many on the edges of the systems of power that we all operate within. This learning can take the
 form of knitting together, talking on their front steps, sharing food and their lives.
She holds a BA in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria, a BFA with Distinction in Studio Arts from Concordia University, and a MFA from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.

Residency Proposal

As 2015 SSNAP winner Corrie was our very first AiR artist in residence and is pictured here with prize giver Joan McConnell.  The SSNAP winner can use their time in whatever way pleases them. Below are the concluding words given by Corrie upon her arrival at a presentation to the Salt Spring community about her art practice:

“There is this idea in art, relational art and socially engaged art, that the artist is the one with the ideas or the genius about something. By working on myself to try to break down the hierarchies of who needs help and who is the helper I have come to this place of less expectation about needing to have the genius idea. I am not saying that I […]

Mia Daniels

SSAC/AiR resident June 12 – July 11 2016

Mia studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, graduating 2014 with a bachelors degree majoring in Industrial Design. For Mia, studying systems of production and consumption has acted as a platform for considering the potential within contemporary culture for alternative modes of collaboration and exchange. Having an intimate relationship with the natural environment – growing up in the coastal mountains and surfing in the cold Pacific Ocean – is a key factor underpinning all of her work. This is, at times, paradoxically woven with the colourful appropriation of ready-mades: the found, lost or discarded remnants of consumer culture.

Residency Proposal

Patterning for the Unexpected: Improvisation as a tool, object, metaphor

Exploring improvisation as a positive expression towards uncertainty through adaptive + flexible responses. Improvisation enables the embodied notions of abstraction: unfinished, ongoing narratives, adaptable, flexible, and spontaneous in nature
-creating open, non-fictional narrative: stories that portray qualities, meanings, essences of universally unique experience – autobiographical yet universal (speculative nature enables compelling narratives).

Facilitating and making acts of improvisation accessible by evoking the power of play and open-exploration as means to move away from expectation-orientations.
–playfulness: action-engagement + participation. Integrity of experience embedded in actions of resourcefulness, intuition, engagement.
–abstraction: removing concepts from language-based exchange towards alternative kinds of encounter based on the instinctual, the material, the visual, the action, the personal (feel + sense; material + experience combined). Hacking/Collage, Fragmentation (Glitches), Non-Intentional Design.
–employing methods of deskilled production relating to objects, causality and material relationships.
Articulating inquiry through form; iterative, reflective, think-make-do.


The residency provided insightful engagements into an active + vibrant community across diverse fields + mediums. This diversity helped to inspire a cross-disciplinary approach. Additionally, having particular interest […]

cloTHING(s) as conversation

SSAC/AiR pop-up residency June 13th.-15th 2016

Hélène Day Fraser, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design in the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

An interdisciplinary research initiative that seeks to disrupt contemporary expectations of clothing. Since 2012 the team has sought to challenge a range of worn assumptions – expanding perspectives about how clothing is designed, produced and used. The work questions longstanding tendencies to characterize garments as forums for creating statements linked to who we wish to be, what we do, who we are, and where we feel we belong. Instead clothing is explored as mechanisms that encompass notions of meaningful interchange and dialogue. Lead Researchers Hélène Day Fraser and Keith Doyle, Assistant Professors of Industrial Design in the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Residency Proposal

Synopsis of Proposal submitted January 2016

In 2016 as the culmination of an Emily Carr University 4-year long research project titled ‘cloTHING(s) as Conversation’ researchers would like to relocate experiential explorations in clothing and wearable technologies to the rural west coast landscape of BC, Canada It is hoped that contributions and insight from rural Salt Spring can be transposed, reconsidered and used to inform design explorations in Milan in July 2016.The Salt Spring component to take place in mid-June. An international research team lead by Associate Professor Hélène Day-Fraser and her colleague Keith Doyle would set up a pop up studio at the Point Gallery the team would like to bring several regular and hacked 3D printers, tapestry looms and a sewing machine.. Fifteen designers, academic collaborators and research assistants would participate in a three day design charrette, culminating in an Open House […]

2018 Summer Art Camps for Youth

Our first Summer Art Camp of the year, Explore Your Creativity for ages 6-9yrs with instructor Cam Novak and assistant Aina Yasue, happened July 16-20th in the Art Tent in the green behind Mahon hall, and was a big success. Our camp was full with 15 students.  Several artists and mediums were explored including, chalk pastels, how to draw an animal step by step, cardboard creations, acrylic on canvas and sketchbooks and art trading cards.  This one week art immersion helps kids kick start the rest of the summer with self initiated creative endeavours.

Assemblage Painting & Sculpture for Teens

For ages 12-18yrs. was a cacophony of hammering and drilling followed by silence as the creations were carefully painted. Under the guidance of well known local painter Stefanie Denz, students worked with various found materials that incorporated plywood, driftwood, and other found plastic/metal/hardware objects that were finished with tempura paint. Themes included a fantasy place, animals, totems and a large construction that incorporated what they had learned during the week.

This week long camp was generously supported with a grant from the Salt Spring Foundation of Youth.

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors and in kind donations for the Summer Art Camps 2018. Your generous donations make it possible for us to offer                   bursaries to all youth in the community and to provide good quality supplies for their creations.


Birgit & Robert Bateman
Seth Berkowitz
Patricia MacDonald
Susan de Stein
Susan Benson & Michael Whitfield

In Kind Donations:

John Newton
Country Grocer

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Murals at Mahon Hall

This summer Mahon Hall is graced with art created by local artists. The works will be on display until September 16th so make sure to come down and enjoy them with a coffee from the Coffee Can or a salad from the GISS Salad Truck.

Artcraft’s initiative, Art on the Hall, invited local artists Melanie Thompson,Cam Novak and Talia Peckel to create artwork and murals specifically for the front of the hall.
Melanie Thompson lives and works on Salt Spring Island and in a very small cabin at the Finn Slough on the Fraser River. She has practised basketry for many years using traditional and non traditional materials. Melanie recently completed the Diploma in Fine Arts at ECUAD. This course work has led to her new mixed media work. Melanie has exhibited and sold her work widely. Her work can be found at Crafthouse, Granville Island, BC, South Shore Gallery, Sooke, BC, and Artcraft, Salt Spring Island, BC. It can also be viewed at saltspringartistdirectory.com, and on her blog craftymelanie.wordpress.com
Cam Novak created two murals related to the images on Tarot Cards.   Cam is both a mural artist and an experienced art instructor for kids and youth.
“My creative process and art making has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions. “It is a safe space for me to feel strong, free and accepted for who I am. I believe that creating art is one of the healthiest ways to manage and understand emotions and I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve used to self heal to encourage more self-empowerment and in turn a healthier community.”
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