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Artists in Residence

Launched in 2016, the Artist in Residence (AiR) Program creates opportunities for working artists while fostering community engagement in the arts on Salt Spring Island.

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The SSAC Artist in Residence (AiR) program is committed to the enhancement of opportunities for local, regional, national and international artists and to fostering community engagement in the arts – visual, literary and performing.

The AiR Mission

  • To provide professional and emerging artists with the time and space for creativity and productivity
  • To introduce visiting artists to Salt Spring and its artistic communities
  • To foster the professional development of local artists and the productive collaboration and networking of SSI artists with visiting artists
  • To offer the SSI community diverse engagement opportunities including public talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions
  • To enhance the potential and impacts of community arts engagement (to provoke, grow participation, nurture youth, act as economic stimulus)
Artist Talks

Writer interacts with Salt Spring community.