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Artcraft is an arts and crafts exhibition and sale on Salt Spring Island open to all residents of School district 64 (southern Gulf Islands). It employs a jury system to maintain its reputation for high quality, original and creative, locally made arts and crafts.

All new, potential exhibitors must enter their work to be juried by the independent panel of jurors. This includes all applicants who were not part of the previous year’s Artcraft show.

To ensure freshness and maintain the high level of quality from regular exhibitors, there will be one or more categories each year that will be subject to the jury.  These categories are on a 5 year rotation, meaning that if you are a regular exhibitor then you will be juried once every 5 years. You may be juried more often when your category is selected for the rotational jurying within the 5 year approval.

For 2018 the categories are All wood, metal, baskets, glass, paper, sculpture and miscellaneous (toys, books and CDs-amongst others) along with all new work not in Artcraft 2017.

Those going through the jury process will need to fill in the “new and Juried participants application form”, include the jury fee and SSAC membership fee (if not already a member), and then, if accepted to Artcraft 2018 fill in the “Artcraft Registration” form, including the registration fee. A place will be held for you pending jury results.

Those who were in Artcraft 2017, and are NOT involved in the rotational jurying of 3 dimensional and miscellaneous works will only need to fill in the “ArtCraft registration” form and include their registration fee and membership renewal, if applicable.



For further information on the categories or on applying for Artcraft in general; please read the other Artcraft and Jury documents on the website:

Or contact the Artcraft Manager, Richard Steel on: or @250-537-0899





Important 2018 Dates:

Monday, May 7 – Application Deadline. Delivery of Works to be juried: 9:30 am – 12:30pm
Thursday, May 10 – Pick up of Juried work: 10am – 3pm
Friday, May 11 – Registration Deadline
Friday, May 18 – Notice of Acceptance of new and juried submissions
Friday, June 8 – Artcraft Opens
September 16th – ArtCraft Closes.
September 17th – Inventory pick up is 9:30-12:00. Inventory not picked up and left unclaimed is subject to a 25$ fee.


For further information on the categories or on applying for Artcraft in general; please read the other Artcraft and Jury documents on the website: Here.

Or contact the Artcraft Manager: Richard Steel


  • The mandate of the SSAC is to encourage and promote the arts in its regional constituency.
  • All work shown in Artcraft must be produced within the School District #64 with the exception of books and CDs.
  • Work considered for Artcraft will be juried under one of the following categories:
  1. fine art
  2. finecraft
  3. commercial/homecraft
  4. other
  • Samples of art and craft submitted for jurying must represent the entire range of work the applicant is planning on showing at Artcraft.
  • Samples submitted for jurying must include retail price.
  • Photos of work will not be considered.
  • Work must be current, having been produced within the last two years.
  • All prospective participants must submit a description of their design and fabrication process detailing the place of origin of their materials, tools used and number of people involved in production.
  • All entries must be the work of the registrant or done under his/her direction by an apprentice or assistant.
  • Preference will be given to products with the highest content of local materials and/or labour.
  • All work must be original.
  • Reproductions of original work are acceptable providing the reproduction is of high quality and labeled clearly.
  • Art prints must be limited, signed and numbered editions, have high aesthetic merit, (no mass production).
  • Work that employs little more than assemblage from purchased components will not be considered.
  • Work from a studio employing more than two persons in addition to the applicant can be placed under the commercial category.
  • Work created using commercial molds will not be considered.
  • Some restrictions apply to food items; consult with manager before registration.
  • Work that by its nature and packaging is lacking a minimum standard of design and/or artistic content will not be considered.
  • Incomplete information will result in refusal to jury.

 Artcraft reserves the right to document the pieces being juried to ensure that the work displayed during the season is of comparable quality.

Your jury package must include:

  • minimum of four samples of work, in each media, to be considered -retail prices for each item
  • artist and process statements
  • jury fee of $12.00

Note: An incomplete package will result in refusal to jury. Applicants must be members of the Salt Spring Arts Council and meet the participation criteria described in the information package.

The jury consists of a minimum of three independent jurors who are teachers and/or professionals working in their medium. Each one is accomplished in his/her field. Members of the Artcraft Committee, SSAC Board, their employees or contractors do not function as jurors.


Jurors will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetic merit
  • Technical proficiency
  • Originality
  • Presentation/Marketability/Artist and Process statement

No critique or comment will be given.

Appeals to the jury outcomes must be made in writing to the Artcraft Committee and should be received by 3 weeks prior to opening. The Committee will review appeals and shall retain the authority to uphold or set aside jury recommendations.

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