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The Artist in Residence (AiR) program at a glance.

Program Overview

The Artist in Residence program (AiR) provides an opportunity for artists to work in the vibrant arts environment of Salt Spring Island. The program is open to all professionals working in the arts, in any genre or medium, at any stage of their careers. The program aims to provide an extraordinary venue for individual artists and artist collaborations to create new works, explore new creative horizons and interact with both the local community and visitors to the island.

AiR provides workspace for visiting artists accepted into the program, negotiates reduced rates for off-season accommodation, and provides social and cultural support. Transportation to and from the island is the responsibility of the applicant.

Painting and visual arts on SSI

Terms of Residency

Photo by David Borrowman

The SSAC arranges and provides studio space and support for the AiR program on the understanding that artists consider this an opportunity for professional development. Artists are asked to deliver an introductory public talk, reading or lecture (targeted to the lay public) and/or an exhibition or performance during the tenure of a residency.

The AiR Committee will facilitate additional activities that the artist may wish to undertake, for example:

  • An “open studio” day
  • Master classes or demonstrations for the local arts community or an interactive session at the local elementary and secondary school
  • Exhibition or performance
  • Opportunities for partnerships and dialogues with local artists

AiR Offers:

  • 2-3 residencies annually
  • Residencies of up to 3 months in duration during the period of January 1 to April 30.   The potential exists for longer term residencies of 6-9 months, and, in the case of performing arts and group collaborations, shorter residencies of up to a week.  Please contact AiR (see Contact information) to discuss these possibilities.
  • Studio Space.
  • Exhibition and/or performance space in historic Mahon Hall or other venues, subject to availability.
  • Access to office equipment (computer, fax, photocopier) and meeting space.
  • Profile on the SSAC website and on the SSNAP website for the SSNAP residency prize.
  • Access to SSAC personnel who will communicate, organize and liaise with various community groups.
  • Profile in the local community through the SSAC mailing list, the local newspaper and the Salt Spring Exchange.

Photo credits –  Deb Barnes, Ron Watts and the Artists and Committee of AiR