AiR Facilities

AiR offers a variety of living and working facilities suitable for many budgets and creative pursuits.

Living accommodation and studio amenities vary. Accommodation ranges in price from $800-$2500 per month. This rate may not include utilities depending on the residence chosen. All have simple kitchen facilities and sleeping accommodation for one to two adults.  Lower rates are usually for small rustic cabins, more expensive options have more conveniences and more living space. The majority are 600 sq. ft. guest cottages on acreage properties, most have a separate bedroom laundry facilities and wifi.

Packages offered are for specific properties as examples of what is available in that price range. Availability varies.

Applicants will receive more detailed information once accepted or upon request.

  • Package A. Rustic cottage with living area/work space suitable for a writer or artist working small scale. Property is 30 min. walk from Fulford Harbour, bus route and ferry.  $800 + hydro.
  • Package B. Modern cottage with living area on ground floor. Large multi -purpose studio space in walk out basement space below offers covered indoor and outdoor space and would be suitable for a painter, sculptor or ceramic artist. Property is on a bus route with beach access close by. $1250 + Internet cable charges.
  • Package C.  Offers two accommodation possibilities: Small 240sq.ft. cabin with open living bedroom space; or a larger suite attached to the main house. Both spaces are very well appointed and would be suitable for a writer. The property has a gallery and outdoor sculpture walk. A large studio space suitable for most media, other than metal sculpture, is available in a modern studio/workshop complex within walking distance. All studios in the complex are self-contained and have separate outside entrances and washroom/cleanup facilities. Accommodation and studio space are within walking distance of Ganges and beaches. $1,850 and $2,450.

PETS: No pets are allowed

SMOKING: No smoking is permitted in the residence or studio facilities.

Photos represent Package B Sample.