Information on Eligibility, Application and Selection Process

Deadline for Submission: April 15

Notification of Residency awards: by June 15th

Residency to be held between the months of January (in the year of application) and April (in the year following application)

 AIR ApplicAIR Application Form rev 1.5 2019 submissions-pdf

AIR Application Form rev 1.5 2019 submissions-fillable


Art and Community

Eligible Genres of Art

The SSAC AiR Program is in its developmental stage; as such we expect to offer 2-3 residencies in the initial years, expanding as resources allow. In order to explore the scope of potential participation and to reflect the diversity of the arts on Salt Spring Island, applications for the AiR will be accepted from artists in a wide variety of visual, literary and performing art disciplines, including but not limited to fine art, photography, film, craft, design, music, composition, creative writing, dance, choreography and curatorial activities. Acceptance of some genres of art will be subject to SSAC being able to secure access to specialized facilities.

Eligible Artists

AiR is open to all professionals working in the arts at any stage of their careers. AiR encourages applications from artists of diverse cultural and regional backgrounds from inside and outside of Canada.

Application Process

An application for an AiR is submitted electronically or by mail using the on-line form (a fillable PDF) LINK. The application requirements are quite straightforward and include

  • Basic information about the applicant
  • A project proposal
  • Documentation of artistic work and
  • A short CV

Collaborative applications are accepted. Collective support materials as well as individual resumes and bios should be submitted for each applicant. Please note that collaborative applications will receive a single studio space to be shared. A submission fee per applicant will be charged.

A non-refundable $30 administration fee is due with the residency application.

Selection process

Applications are reviewed annually by a jury committee constituted by AiR.

Residencies will be awarded based on available facilities, potential links to the Salt Spring community, collaborative opportunities and artistic merit.

One or two pop-up residencies are awarded each year at the sole discretion of the AiR Committee. Such pop-up residencies normally:

  • offer a special  opportunity for interaction with the Salt Spring community, through lisason with local artists or SSI community organizations
  • are short term in nature
  • involve Air acting as facilitator
  • because they occur outside of the usual submission time frame, little or no monetary support is available.

Jury Criteria

  • Applicant’s ability to achieve the stated goals of the proposal within the proposed timeline.
  • Relationship of the proposed residency to the applicants creative work history and its potential for personal benefit to the artist
  • The potential for community engagement
  • Ability of AiR to meet the proposed physical needs (studio etc) of the proposal within AiR’s current physical and financial resources.