Our mission is to “support and encourage the arts through partnership, advocacy and facilitation.”

The Council considers advocacy as one its most important roles and it undertakes activities to support and promote the interests of its members and of the role of arts in the community.

Whether it is raising issues of concern with various government bodies—local, provincial and, in some cases federal—or ensuring that the arts is a part of the election campaign conversations (link to candidates’ questions?), the Council seeks to present a strong, unified voice for the arts.

We want to hear from our members about their concerns and to work collaboratively to address them.

Local Elections Candidates Address the Arts

Positions for two Trustees and a CRD rep were hotly contested online and at public meetings leading up to the Salt Spring Island elections in November 2011. The SSAC’s Communications Chair, Pat Preston, was hot on the candidates’ tails with some hard-hitting questions about where they stand on support for the Arts. Download the PDF documents below to read Pat’s questions and some telling answers from the candidates.

  • Questions to the Candidates (PDF 115kb)
  • David Borroman’s answers (PDF 44kb)
  • Carole Eyle’s answers (PDF 35kb)
  • George Grams’ and Mark Wyatt’s answers (PDF 84kb)
  • Peter Grove’s answers (PDF 18kb)
  • Garth Hendren’s answers (PDF 12kb)
  • Ken Lee’s answers (PDF 41kb)
  • Wayne McIntyre’s answers (PDF 58kb)
  • Leslie Wallace’s answers (PDF 56kb)
  • Larry Wood’s answers (PDF 18kb)