Mural Painting for Teens

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Instructor  Cam Novak

Ages 13-19     Fri.    Mar 2, 9, 16, 23    12-4pm

This is a FREE workshop. We would like to thank our generous sponsor The Salt Spring Island Foundation of Youth.

This workshop will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Students must register and commit to all 4 classes.

The workshop will introduce students to mural painting and the process of creating large scale works with a group. Cam will guide the group with dialogue to find a theme or an idea that they all agree on and will expand into a variety of techniques that will help in the execution of the large scale work. He will act as a curator to find the strengths of each individual and empower each student to find their own voice to add to the project.

The collective creative process is effective tool for bridging dialogue about important issues and this workshop is a tool to instigate positive dialogue amoungst teens that deserve a positive outlet for expression. This workshop will act as a means of introducing youth on this island to a mural painting and the power of public art to tackle issues affecting their community.  Students will learn some art history and relevant information about street art and mural history. The majority of the workshop will be focused on the creative process and techniques.

4 in stock

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    No child under the age of 12 will be permitted to leave the class with persons other than those listed with SSAC. Should an adult other than those listed above be picking up your child, we require your authorization in advance. A form will be provided prior to the first class.
  • I understand that as a participant in this workshop i am expected to attend each of the four sessions: Fridays March 2,9,16 & 23.
  • SSAC and its staff and volunteers have permission in an emergency to call 911 and / or to send my child to the hospital and medical personnel have my authorization to provide the treatment deemed necessary for the wellbeing of my child. SSAC will make every reasonable attempt to contact the parent / guardian / emergency contact.
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Artist Bio

Cam Novak

My creative process and art making has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions, subconscious thoughts and questions about who I am and what I’m doing with my life. It helps me understand and feel into the magic that I believe, see and feel everyday. It’s a way for me to purge and in turn transform uncomfortable or inexplicable sensation into something fun and/or beautiful . Art making and especially drawing, is an ever ready, accessible means for communicating something I’m experiencing without the limitations of English vocabulary and laws of society. It is a safe space for me to feel strong, free and accepted for who I am. I believe that creating art is one of the healthiest ways to manage and understand emotions and I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve used to self heal to encourage more self-empowerment and in turn a healthier community.