Drawing Your Emotions


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Instructor  Cam Novak

Adults     Sat.  Feb. 17, 24 & Mar 3, 10, 17, 24   2-4:30pm

Drawing Your Emotions – The Power of Journaling

Part 1
Daily Practices to improve drawing and connection to one’s self. – How to use your sketchbook to brainstorm larger ideas in your mind, express feelings and how to get out stress anxiety in a positive way. – Learn how to free-write and draw without judgments – Students will do exercises that will expose them to a different ways of drawing and how to build a relationship with their sketchbook and their mediums. You will learn how Cam uses his sketchbook to work through ideas and show different options in approaching doodling, sketching and word play. He will also demonstrate “automatic drawing” whereby you let go of expectations and draw what needs to come out.

Part 2
Drawing techniques – How to use what you have available to find your voice+ using non-traditional art materials and found objects to create a unique visual voice – How to keep your projects simple and manageable – using ink, watercolor with brushes or pens & the power of black ink. How to create textures with drawing, understanding your materials through experimentation, creating outside the boundaries that you may have.  You will be shown different types of line stroke, texturing techniques with ink and be guided through an exercise with watercolor and ink that teaches patience, the excitement of experimentation and some basic color mixing.

Part 3
Emotional Abstraction: – Turning feelings into shapes, freestyle, no guidelines, following through with the process even it’s uncomfortable. Drawing from reference in an abstract way, you will find a photo reference that interests you and be guided through how you can abstract it in order to add emotion. You will be guided through a deeper exercise based around freestyle drawing where you will follow through and learn how to layer in a fun way and not give up on their creation until it’s complete.

No drawing experience necessary and all materials supplied.

6 in stock

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Artist Bio

Cam Novak

My creative process and art making has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions, subconscious thoughts and questions about who I am and what I’m doing with my life. It helps me understand and feel into the magic that I believe, see and feel everyday. It’s a way for me to purge and in turn transform uncomfortable or inexplicable sensation into something fun and/or beautiful . Art making and especially drawing, is an ever ready, accessible means for communicating something I’m experiencing without the limitations of English vocabulary and laws of society. It is a safe space for me to feel strong, free and accepted for who I am. I believe that creating art is one of the healthiest ways to manage and understand emotions and I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve used to self heal to encourage more self-empowerment and in turn a healthier community.