Professional Development Awards 2017

Submitted by Wendy Judith Cutler
SSAC Professional Development Grants + Awards Recipient, 2017A Professional Development Grant from the Salt Spring Island Arts Council helped to support my participation in the 2017 Lambda Literary Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices in Los Angeles, California. It is among North America’s most competitive writers’ residencies and the only one specifically for LGBTQ writers. The retreat was a week-long intensive that took place in August on the campus of the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. There were about sixty-some participants who came mostly from the U.S. but also a handful from Canada, participating in one of five workshops (with a few working independently)—mine was non-fiction.

Each morning we met in our workshop, writing together, discussing writing and publishing and engaged in some of the most incisive and relevant critique sessions I have ever experienced. Each evening there were readings (videotaped and open to the public) from each participant—mine was scheduled on the last evening. I read an excerpt from “Radical Lesbian Feminism in Practice” about the magic and impact of feminist bookstores in the seventies and brought my entire workshop on stage with me during the reading. I also developed a chapter “I Want a Women’s Revolution” which is part of my memoir-in-progress about the lesbian feminist nineteen seventies, weaving my own personal narrative within an herstorical tapestry.

An anthology comprised of submissions from the 2017 Lambda Fellows will be published. An excerpt of my essay includes the following: “We queer writers, critical thinkers, dreamers, cultural boundary interrupters, in our particular diversities and textures, we are the voices that need to be heard to contribute to the dialogue, the discussion, the insights that are so desperately needed. We may be the very […]

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Art on the Hall 2018 Call for Entry


Art on the Hall


Call for Juried Outdoor Exhibit 2018


Artcraft is turning 50!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Big!


Let’s dress Mahon Hall for the party. Create large, bright, expressive, original works in 2 or 3 D.

2018 is Artcraft’s 50th birthday. Mahon Hall has been the home of Artcraft since 1968. We are celebrating Artcraft’s birthday and Mahon Hall by inviting submissions for Art on the Hall, an exhibit on the exterior walls

Work may be in any medium but will hang on the exterior walls of the building in five designated areas facing the harbor and the parking lot. Anchoring points will be provided.

Art on the Hall Installations run during the ArtCraft 2018 season- June to September.

Entry is open only to artists living in School District #64 Gulf islands.  Artists are welcome to submit work individually or as part of a group and may apply for more than one wall area. A small honorarium is available.

Please read the application form for more information and contact Richard Steel Artcraft Manager  for any questions.


November 30  2017             Deadline for proposals

December 18th, 2017           Artists notified of selection by this date

May 25,  2018                       Outdoor Installations start

June 8, 2018                         Opening

September 17, 2018            Removal of outdoor work

Application form and Infiormation:

artonthehallapplication 2017

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Grants & Awards Fall 2017: Professional Development

Professional Development

Next Deadline: October 31, 2017


  • Practicing artists and or art teachers (visual, performing and creative arts)
  • Residents of Salt Spring for 3 years or more
  • Members of SSAC
  • must submit an application form, available online or from the SSAC office
  • Activity eligibility: Professional development activities must provide an opportunity for artistic enrichment and growth.

Average Grant Levels: $100 – $500

Objectives: To assist artists and craftspeople to further their professional development – either through short term courses or workshops offered off island or on-island by instructors from off-island.

Description: This program assists local artists, artisans and art teachers to further their artistic development either through short term courses or workshops offered off island or on island by instructors from off-island.

Application Procedures: Applications are to be submitted to the SSAC by April 30 and/or October 31. A submission must contain a completed application form, including a budget for the project or activity and a CV or bio. Note – the form provides the opportunity for the applicant to address the various criteria outlined below.


Application Form:

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Grants & Awards Fall 2017: Individual or Group Projects

Individual or Group Projects

Next Deadline: October 31, 2017


  • Based on Salt Spring Island and of cultural benefit to the island
  • An artistic or cultural endeavour within the mandate of the SSAC – e.g. the visual, performing and literary arts.
  • Applicant(s) members of the SSAC
  • must submit an application form, available online or from the SSAC office

Average Grant Levels: $300 – $800

Objectives: To assist individuals and groups to undertake projects of cultural benefit to the community

Description:  This program fosters innovation, creativity and experimentation in the arts and sharing those experiences with members of the larger Salt Spring Island community. With limited funding, the funding program is not able to support annually recurring events. Rather it seeks to catalyze new artistic approaches and collaborations and facilitate the public performance and exhibits of those initiatives. While not a condition of eligibility, applicants are encouraged to use Mahon Hall as the venue for public exhibits and performances.

Application Process: You may use the form below to submit your application. Please ensure you have collected all the relevant project information, attachments, and completed budget form before you begin the application.

Please note this form is currently being updated:


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Chapbook Launch: Blackberries

Blackberries: a Chapbook from the Poetry Open Mic

What takes thirty-seven poets, two visual artists, and a helping hand from the Arts Council?

A beautiful new poetry chapbook, that’s what.

On September 21, 2017 the Library is hosting a launch for a new collection of poetry from the Salt Spring Poetry Open Mic.

Sponsored by the Salt Spring Public Library and founded by local poet Christine Smart and Chief Librarian Karen Hudson, the community poetry event has been a regular feature of the Island arts scene since 2014.

In a foreword to the chapbook, Brian Brett gives a personal reflection on the importance of libraries and their role in his life. Cover art is by local visual artists.

The launch will feature readings from the anthology as well as appetizers, drinks, and mingling. Copies of the chapbook will be on sale and can also be picked up after the launch at local bookstores.

Seed funding through the Salt Spring Arts Council Grants & Awards played a key role in getting the project going. Support has also come from the Salt Spring Public Library and Theatre Alive.

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Featured Artist: Margo Zak

We turn our Featured Artist lens to the wonderful ceramicist, Margo Zak!

Margo first discovered clay in 1975 while studying fine arts at the University of Manitoba.
She became intrigued with handbuilding and has been involved with clay ever since.
Margo enjoys manipulating soft sheets of porcelain into functional pieces which possess a refinement and sensuality. Her work ranges from teacups to vase forms, delicate boxes and uniquely folded slab plates. All are airbrushed with underglaze and high fired in an electric kiln.
Of her own work, Margo says: “My work is singularly hand built and each piece is one of a kind; it is decorative in nature but also possesses a strong functional reference. I am intrigued by the fluidity of clay, I take pleasure in playing with its unique ability to receive a mark, the inherent beauty of how it folds and tears, the play of light across its edges.”

This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at, or contact them through the Arts Council here.

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Featured Artist: Michael Levy

This week, our featured artist is non other than Michael Levy!

A member of the artistic community of Salt Spring for many years, Michael captures the spirit and flavour of his home island with remarkable acuity. Michael says of his own work:

“I have focused primarily on wildlife & landscape subjects, using only natural light throughout most of my career as a photographer. The challenge of composing and adjusting according to very diverse conditions has been one of the aspects of photography that I find most satisfying: observing rather than directing the action in front of my lens. Recently, however, I have been taking on more of a director’s role when it comes to processing my images. For many years, I have been fascinated by print-making and photo-lithography—the process by which the photographer can superimpose different images to produce less literal effects and more interpretive finished pieces.”

In my current work, I have been using textures ranging from a cat’s fur to ice on a window pane to integrate with other, more literal photographs of wildlife and landscapes. My process involves collecting shells, pods, mosses and more to add to my textural library, as well as creating different textures in my studio through tusche washes (made with ink, sometimes old coffee, that is, some kind of liquid). I take photos of these textures and then “sandwich” them with others which are more literal much as I would have done in the darkroom many years ago. This allows me to create photographic prints which tell new stories and give the viewer an […]

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Featured Artist: Donna Cochran

Our featured artist this week is the exceptional Donna Cochran!

Donna has been a basket maker for over twenty years, drawing inspiration from the basketry she collected during her career in international development.

Of her own work, Cochran says:

“While I was involved in the arts all my life, it wasn’t until my husband and I moved to Salt Spring in 1995 that I took my first basketry workshop. Since then I have studied with many renowned basket makers – First Nations, Canadian, American and European. I have learned a wide range of basketry techniques using traditional materials – willow, reed, rush/cattail, cedar and other barks, gourds and pine needles. I have grown and/or harvested many of these materials, learning how to gather them ecologically, store and prepare them.

I have branched out to other contemporary materials – metals, paper, fibre, waxed linen thread, and silk. And, most recently, I am reusing upcycled/repurposed materials including socks, boots, toothpaste tubes, telephone wire, cutlery, wine corks and cages.

As one of the oldest crafts, basketry can be found in every culture throughout history. I am fascinated by the techniques and indigenous materials worldwide utilizing the hands as the primary tool. The possibilities of materials and form are endless.”


This is part of a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Contact the artist through the Arts Council here.

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