Featured Artist: Lloyd Nicholson

Lloyd Nicholson has been working with Plexiglass for over thirteen years. Using mixed paints, as well as materials from nature, Lloyd crafts swirling tableau across his panels. Because of the unique nature of painting on a translucent surface, each piece glows like stained glass when lit from behind. Nicholson often works in close collaboration with Salt Spring carpenters and joiners to produce furniture featuring his art.

Of his own work, Lloyd reflects:

I am mainly an abstract expressionist, and as such I love the processes that I have developed and are integral to my work. I set up basic designs, colours and paint solutions, embed botanicals in resins if I am using them, set up likely flow patterns through my expertise in the medium, and with the best of my ability I control these flow patterns using fans, levelers, tipping and blowing.

I can only control the work to a certain degree, then “it” takes over, so I am also engaged in a process of “letting go” to a certain extent. The beautiful, and often unexpected organic lines that follow the physics of nature can be seen in my work. Whether we observe nature by looking through a microscope, or the vast cosmos through the Hubble telescope, this work mirrors those same forms. These are all patterns that I have observed and been in love with since I was a little boy, and here I can reproduce these forms in a nontraditional and beautiful way.


This is the first in a series of featured artists exhibiting at Artcraft this summer. Visit the artist’s website at lloydnicholsonart.com, or contact him through the Arts […]

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Workshops on the Rock Coordinator: Jane MacKenzie

Jane MacKenzie has co-ordianted ‘Workshops on the Rock’ for the past five years, and first began her involvement with the SSAC as an ‘Artist in the Classroom’ instructor.

Jane is passionate about connecting young people to the world of art, inspiring them to be fearless creators and interpreters of art on their own terms. She is committed to creating and offering opportunities for youth that nurture their own artist within. Jane created Art Happens!, summer art camps for youth which she offered for 4 years on Salt Spring Island. Through her camps, students participated in the Inside Out Project, a large scale photography-graffiti project, and The Sketchbook Project where students filled sketchbooks that travelled around the continent. She also introduced her students to silk-screeing, found object sculpture, explorations in wood & sculpture, drawing, painting & collage.

Jane is a graduate of Emily Carr University in Printmaking & Photography and has studied weaving  in England and India. She exhibits her own textile/installation based art work.

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Camp Assistant: Charlie Beaver

SSAC is very pleased to welcome Charlie Beaver as our Summer Student in 2017. As our Program & Outreach Assistant, when he’s not assisting with Summer Art Camps, Charlie is on the floor of Artcraft and helping the Arts Council with community outreach.

Charlie has spent most of his life in the southern Gulf Islands, and is a GISPA graduate with a passion for theatre. In January, he will be studying Theatre Production at Studio 58. Charlie has experience in retail, working at a children’s camp, and is an avid designer. Apart from working at Mahon Hall this summer, he will be performing in ExitStageLeft’s production of ‘As You Like It’.

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Summer Camp Instructor: Cam Novak

Camp Instructor: Cameron Novak

Workshops on the Rock is pleased to introduce our Summer Art Camp Instructor – Cameron Novak – for Amazing Abstraction and Modern Art Mania happening July 24-28 and July 31-Aug 4th in our new ArtSpark Tent adjacent to Mahon Hall.

Cameron is an experienced art instructor for kids and youth, having taught at 4Cats, lead mural painting projects. He speaks both French and English and is planning a future in Art Therapy. Cameron has spent several summers on Salt Spring Island and will come to us in July fresh from the Bass Coast Music Festival in Merritt where he will be live painting a 8×20 ft. mural.

“My creative process and art making has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions… My art helps me understand and feel into the magic that I believe, see and feel everyday. It’s a way for me to purge and in turn transform uncomfortable or inexplicable sensation into something fun and/or beautiful.”

For Cameron, art “is a safe space for me to feel strong, free and accepted for who I am. I believe that creating art is one of the healthiest ways to manage and understand emotions and I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve used to self heal to encourage more self-empowerment and in turn a healthier community.”

Camps have limited spaces, to register and pay online go to http://ssartscouncil.com/summer-art-camps/

Or contact Jane @ 250-538-8447  or at   wor@ssartscouncil.com


Call for Curatorial Proposals: Easter Art Show 2018

Deadline for 2018 Submissions: Friday, September 15, 2017

Call for Curators EAS18 – PDF


Since 2007, the Salt Spring Arts Council has presented the Easter Art Show (formerly Tour). Each year Mahon Hall has a curated anchor exhibit of fine arts (photography, painting, sculpture) by artists from the Southern Gulf Islands (School District 64 boundaries). Past exhibits have included single artist surveys, duos, group and themed shows.

During the 10-day event Mahon Hall also hosts a variety of public events showcasing the fine and performing arts. Events include performances, artist talks, films, works by youth, and workshops. All the events are complimentary to the theme or parameters of each year’s exhibition. The Easter Art Show Committee oversees the planning and production of each year’s event, with specific components of the 10-day event directed by members of our artistic community.

The Easter Art Show seeks to:

  • Promote artists and the arts in our community;
  • Create opportunities for the public to explore the work of, and engage with, local artists;
  • Support the development of curatorial expertise in our community;
  • Ignite integration and collaboration amongst artistic disciplines.



The Salt Spring Arts Council is inviting members of the community to submit proposals for the 2018 Easter Art Show. The invited curator will work with the EAS Committee to direct all aspects of the 2018 fine arts exhibit.

(Please note the deadline for Easter Art Show, 2019 will be in March of 2018, but we are happy to review applications at any time from September 15 onwards.)

Modest Honorarium commensurate with experience and proposal: $1000-$2000.

The selected Curator is responsible for the artistic direction of a 10-day fine arts exhibit in Mahon Hall, March 30 – April 8, 2018. The exhibit must feature local visual […]

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“Mrs Williams: Homage to a Homemaker”

Melanie Thompson and Judith Barnett bring “Mrs Williams: Homage to a Homemaker” to the Stage at Artcraft

The exhibit runs from June 9th to July 5th at Mahon Hall, and is sponsored by Windsor Plywood.

Artists Talk: Sunday, June 18, 2pm


“Mrs Williams: Homage to a Homemaker” is the work of Melanie Thompson and Judith Barnett and has been in progress for the last two years. The idea came from an old wooden recipe box given to Barnett by her elderly neighbor, Mrs Williams. Inside the box was a collection of recipes, beautifully scripted in pen and ink, which, for Thompson and Barnett, symbolised the work of a lifetime homemaker. The box engendered memories of her own childhood for Thompson; her mother having a similar recipe box and being a homemaker, spending hours of each day in the kitchen, cooking, sewing, repairing, and being resourceful.

Thompson and Barnett have always appreciated and practiced these arts themselves, and believe that “women’s work” is to be celebrated and appreciated as the backbone of society.

To bring this to life they are creating a truly unique version of a kitchen from the 1950’s:  Dresses, aprons, mixing bowls and handmade books, vie for space with washing lines, an ironing board, shelving units and furniture, with repurposed materials being used throughout. Collage and painting line the walls referencing the world, skill, creativity, determination and resourcefulness of women at their work.
Acknowledging that the homemaker arts are now as important as ever, and that “ a woman’s work is never done” they have incorporated contemporary and unconventional materials in their creations, adding surprise and innovation to the feel of the installation.

An interactive aspect of the show will be a recipe box, like […]

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Calls for ‘Artists in the Class’

Deadline for Submissions: July 20, 2017.

Artist in the Class (AiC) is a longstanding program of SSAC. The purpose of the program is:

  • to give the arts a stronger presence in the everyday life of students by bringing the artists of Salt Spring Island to class to share their skills; and
  • to create an awareness of the arts in our community.

Each summer, Salt Spring Island artists from the literary, performing, and visual arts will submit their applications for participation in the Artist in the Class Program to the SSAC Artist in the Class Chair and Committee.  The Committee distributes a Calendar of available workshops / artists to schools and teachers throughout SSI. For new artists participating in AiC is highly recommended to reach out to teachers regarding your specific artistic offering.

Full program details, guidelines and application information are Here: http://ssartscouncil.com/artist-in-the-class/

Forms are available online and at the SSAC office.

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Parallel Show

The 2017 Parallel Art Show (PAS) runs during the SSNAP 2017 Exhibition. It is open to Salt Spring Island artists that submit work to the Salt Spring National Art Prize 2017 (Deadline: May 31, 2017). SSNAP Submission Details are Here.
September 29 to October 22, 2017
Artspring Gallery


The intent is to feature SSI artists and to promote our community of artists to the growing number of SSNAP visitors. It is hoped that PAS will become a regular feature of SSNAP.

All SSI artists who submit an entry to SSNAP will automatically have their names and images sent for consideration. Unlike SSNAP, the PAS is not a blind jury. It is an invitational show curated by Anthony Matthews and Matt Steffich, and not a rejection show. A SSI artist may be selected for both shows, either, or neither.

Once the curators have invited 30 to 50 artists to take part in PAS, they will work with each artist to select pieces for the Show; these do not necessarily have to be the work submitted to SSNAP. The work chosen can be any size or medium, as decided by the curators and artist to create an interesting exhibition.

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Mark Lauckner – Glass Fusing

  Instructor Website

Dichroic Fused Mosaic Dish Making – Ages 4 & up

This is a kid’s drop-in class where a small dish can be designed and assembled using pieces of dichroic glass. The participants can return in 2 days to collect their finished pieces or they can be mailed. This is a drop in class but calling ahead is always a good idea.

Teens Dichroic Glass Jewellery Fusing Class – Ages 12 & up

Learn to cut and assemble glass pendants and earrings using dichroic glass. Return the next day to collect the finished pieces.


Mark Lauckner

A 33 year Gulf Islands resident, Mark has been working in glass since 1978. He has operated the Glass Foundry since 1996, with emphasis on recycling glass. For 17 years Mark has instructed classes covering many aspects of glass making.




Dichroic Fused Mosaic Dish MakingAges 4 & up – $38

Teens Dichroic Glass Jewellery Fusing Class Ages 12 & up – $65

Contact instructor       lauckner@shaw.ca             250-537-9200

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Wendy Judith Cutler – Journal Writing & Memoir Workshops

  Instructor Website

An Afternoon of Writing Alone TogetherWomen Writing Annual Summer Workshop
Sunday, July 9th from 12-5pm

Join us for a luscious afternoon of writing freely, listening deeply, sharing and witnessing as we write alone and together in an intimate, nurturing and creative circle of women.  Women of all ages and experiences are welcomed.

Wendy Judith Cutler is a skillful, soulful and sensitive facilitator whose passion is to bring women together to share their stories, create community and inspire them to write authentically and deeply the truths of their lives.

“Writing is vital to my life. Facilitating writing workshops since 1978, I relish the opportunity to inspire you to honour the wide and power of your own words.”

Women Writing Memoir – 6 weeks – Join a nourishing, creative and supportive circle of women to experience the richness and depth of memoir. You will be sensitively guided into personal narrative, deep listening, sharing (always with choice) and witnessing as we delve into our own stories and practice the craft of writing our lives within a small and intimate circle of women.  October 2017 and February 2018

Wendy Judith Cutler

Judith–teacher, writer, feminist–is a skillful, soulful and sensitive facilitator whose passion is to bring women together to share their stories, create community and inspire them to write authentically and deeply the truths of their lives.  She taught writing and women’s studies for thirty years. She currently guides women’s journal writing circles and memoir workshops. Writing is vital to her life and she relishes the opportunity to inspire women to honour the power and wisdom of their own words.

She offers one-day, week-end and weekly workshops, monthly writing circles and […]

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